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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove.

17-08-2005 23:34

"The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove".
We need help distributing the 10000+ leaflets door to door in Brighton on Sunday.

Please come to the Cowley club at 12pm Sunday

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fascist iceland

17-08-2005 18:20

icelandic government orders deportation of 21 protesters, that took action against Alcoa and the Kárahnjúkar Dam. Methods to capture the people involved are filthy and fascist!!

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West Papua Weekend!

17-08-2005 16:59

Announcing a weekend of events in aid of the Free West Papua Campaign, and its work supporting the oppressed tribal people of West Papua against Indonesian occupation.

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Daughter must pay police who let her mum die.

17-08-2005 15:27

article in the Kentish Saturday Observer. Aug 13th.

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police attempt eviction of EDO camp

17-08-2005 12:49

the police tried unsuccessfully yesterday to brutally evict the Smash peace camp taking place in Brighton yewterday, They arrived at the camp in the woods behind EDO's factory at around 4pm with a council ranger to inform the 5 people on camp that campers had until 6pm to vacate the camp. The council would then seize any remaining property.

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Jean Charles was wearing a denim jacket, not a bulky winter coat!!!

17-08-2005 10:25

Leaked Secret Documents Confirm Police Lied About De Menezes

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Appeal for Information from G8 Defendants

17-08-2005 10:13

Court proceedings are already underway for many of the defendants arrested at the actions that took place over the week of the G8 summit. Intermediate Diets and trials will be continuing through August, September and October.

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Coca-Cola Protesters Attacked By Police; Four Hospitalized

17-08-2005 06:26

August 16, 2005 (Plachimada, India): Close to 100 activists from Yuvajana Vedi, youth wing of the CPI(ML), and their allies marched to Coca-Cola's factory gates in Plachimada in Kerala in southern India, demanding that the bottling plant shut down permanently.

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WE "OUT" AN EX-CIA AGENT -- Bush Admin's Renditioner in Italy Scandal

17-08-2005 05:39

Likeness of Robert S. Lady
WANTED IN EUROPE: US CIA Agent Robert Seldon Lady: A CIA agent, under arrest warrant in Europe, is on the lam. We reveal where he probably is for the first time, plus many other new details. Call this story the "Theory of Everything" about the the War on Terror and the Iran-Contra affair if you like, but it is basically a crime story. When arrested, Robert Seldon Lady could lay bare the Niger-nukes forgery thousands of American troops have died over. He is wanted with 18 others in the CIA kidnapping-for-torture of a Muslim cleric in Italy.

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Brighton City Council Intervene To Stop Illegal Eviction Of Peace Camp

16-08-2005 23:21

In which Sussex Police outdo themselves by exposing their
cosy relationship with corporate bomb makers EDO MBM and the
shamefaced city council actually help Smash EDO to go on protesting by stopping the illegal eviction of the peace camp.

Another interesting day in Brighton.

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PROTEST - Kurd oppression in Iran

16-08-2005 20:36


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C4 News reports the truth (finally) or at least some of it

16-08-2005 18:14

C4 has just reported leaks from the Independent Police Commission investigation into the shooting of innocent Brazilian.

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Notice in a tube station

16-08-2005 16:38

Picture in the tube
Here's a notice that the London Transport put in tube stations after the bombings of the 7/7 and the killing of the brazilian...

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Nightime Adventures at EDO MBM Fishersgate

16-08-2005 14:36

Last night persons unknown paid a nightime visit to EDO MBM Fishersgate, EDO Corporation's lesser known factory in Brighton. EDO Fishersgate makes weapons to sell on to Israel (amongst other state terrorists).

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9/11 detainees 'abused' - Koran Kicking in NYC After 9/11

16-08-2005 14:22

- While an inmate was at prayer, an assistant warden allegedly entered his cell and ordered a corrections officer to confiscate his prayer rug and Qur'an and to dispose of the items in a garbage incinerator.

- A Bureau of Prisons inmate alleged that a corrections officer ordered him to drop his Qur'an on the floor outside his cell and then kicked the Qur'an and walked away.

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Is your union funding New Labour?

16-08-2005 14:16

The war in Iraq, ID cards and the removal of our civil liberties through the 2005 Prevention of Terrorism Act are just a few of the things that this Labour government have forced on us all recently. Now how would you feel if you found out you had been funding Labour during the war and still are now as ever more oppressive legislation is brought in to force? Well if you are a member of one of the big Trade Unions, affiliated to the TUC, then it's likely that's just what you have been doing. Unions have given somthing like 24 million pounds to the party since 2002 .

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Disabled anti G8 protester banned from Derby M17

16-08-2005 12:40

A disabled man who was banned from taking part in a critical mass at the G8 environment ministers meeting in Derby earlier this year (March 17th) has had to drop his case against Derbyshire police for disability discrimination.

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video:singapore riot police break up 4 peaceful protestors

16-08-2005 11:54

Singapore riot police break up 4 peaceful protestors(singaporeans are given little human rights.. fucking ridiculous to break up 4 peaceful silent protestors!)

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All Australians deserve a fair trial

16-08-2005 10:24

So now you see the light, eh! Stand up for your rights. come on!
David Hicks could be facing a U.S military commission in a matter of weeks. We must act now. Sign our letter demanding that Alexander Downer get David Hicks back here to face an Australian court:

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16-08-2005 07:53

IT is refreshing to know that 52 years ago at this time British and American Terrorists were planning a coordinated attack on Iran's budding democracy. They terrorized,bombed, and alligned theselves with Islamic terrorists and assassins to topple a democratically elected government. Now that Britain and the US are using the goast of their own terrorists as a smokescreen to curtail Civil Liberties in their own countries. British terrorist Mullahs are running Afghanistan,Iran and Iraq in defence of Imperialism.