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FARHAT QUAM MAQUAMI | 16.08.2005 07:53 | Analysis | Repression | Terror War

IT is refreshing to know that 52 years ago at this time British and American Terrorists were planning a coordinated attack on Iran's budding democracy. They terrorized,bombed, and alligned theselves with Islamic terrorists and assassins to topple a democratically elected government. Now that Britain and the US are using the goast of their own terrorists as a smokescreen to curtail Civil Liberties in their own countries. British terrorist Mullahs are running Afghanistan,Iran and Iraq in defence of Imperialism.

Cry for Iran in 52nd Anniversary of Mossadegh Fall

Farhat Quam Maquami
In 52nd Anniversary of Mossadegh Fall, we still cry for Iran.
Not too long ago, Islamic terrorists and assassins hired and coached by London’s SIS were tools of British Imperialism in the Middle East. Iran was no exception. British Ambassador on Instruction from London nurtured Muslim Brotherhood and Faddayian Islam as their insurance policy for hegemony. In Iran, Navab Safavi, Khomienie, and Rafsanjani are among the most famous figures. Now that everybody is discussing London Faked Terror attack, it is better to discuss the real terror against Iran by the London based Islamic terrorists who were trained, financed and designed to terrorize Iranians 52 years ago.

A half-century ago, the US and UK engineered a spectacular act of terror against Iran. Not only did Western intelligence agencies obliterated Iran’s budding democracy, but their actions also resulted in thousands of Iranian patriots being killed by firing squads in the bloodbath that followed this act of terror. Looking from this real historical perspective the recent outcry about the London terror attack look nothing but a staged terror attack by the intelligent services to shape public opinion against innocent Muslims or Middle Eastern, cover up Tony Blaire’s bankrupt policy, improve his public image and enhance his prestige.

On August 19, 1953, CIA agents, with the blessing of corrupt mullahs, shamelessly arranged a terrorist coup to overthrow the democratically elected, secular government, of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran. Their actions directly subverted a blossoming civic society and changed it into a dictatorial regime. It seems that every generation thereafter that carried Iranian aspirations for justice, freedom and real social change would also be hijacked by the CIA and its paid agents.

Five years ago, James Risen of the New York Times penned an excellent account of the terror coup. Among the materials he used to write his article was a previously secret report written in 1954 by one of the coup’s plotters. As Risen wrote, this report shows “how United States and British officials plotted the military coup that returned the shah of Iran to power and toppled Iran's elected prime minister, an ardent nationalist.”

You can read Risen’s article by visiting (

The size and scale of the terror coup’s plotters remains breathtaking, even today. The UK/US coup planners recruited thousands of Iranians to work as spies and thugs in support of this strike against democracy.

Iranian nationalists will be interested by Risen’s report, as it details Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s surprising initial reluctance to collaborate with the coup plotters.

As with many Cold War-era adventures, the US and UK justified their restoration of the Shah as part of their war against Communism. Of course, the Western powers cared little for the damage the terror coup would inflict on Iran’s culture, Iran’s national interest or the Iranian psyche.

The coup had its roots in a British showdown with Iran and the prize was Iran‘s oil industries. In 1951, Iran's Parliament voted to nationalize the oil industry, and legislators backing the law elected its leading advocate, Dr. Mossadegh, as prime minister. Britain responded with threats and sanctions.

Dr. Mossadegh, a European-educated lawyer refused to back down. In meetings in November and December 1952, British intelligence officials initiated a plan for a joint US/UK terrorist operation to oust the elected prime minister.

Risen’s superb article details the intricate nature of the US/UK plot. Rather than rehash it all again here, readers should examine it for themselves.

The tragedy of 1953 can be boiled down to the following observation — If Dr. Mossadegh had used his considerable political capital to rouse the people to stand up and defend the country, the Western terror coup would never have succeeded. This is the unmistakable lesson of the New York Times’s report.

Today, a second confrontation looms between Iran and the West. For Iranian nationalists, the stakes could not be higher. This time around, the West has a new weapon to use against Iran – the one million opportunistic so-called “Persian-Americans” living mostly in the state of California. Many of these people would gladly volunteer to play the role of puppet-ruler in Teheran that Iyad Allawi is playing for the West in Baghdad. These hyphenated Iranians are eager to subjugate Iran once again to the whims of the Western powers.

All true Iranian nationalists must dedicate themselves to the following: rooting out those elements in the country’s leadership, like the Rafsanjani clique, which are using their privileged position to loot Iran’s wealth and transfer it to banks in Western countries such as Canada.

In 1953, Dr Mossadegh and the Iranian nationalists failed to thwart the coup because of their own indecisiveness. As a result, the country plunged into a nightmare of autocratic and arbitrary rule — a nightmare compounded by the events of 1979. The so-called Islamic Revolution was led by a clerical faction pivotal to the success of the 1953 coup.

In 2005, a similar failure to act may have much more terrible consequences. By familiarizing themselves with the true events of 1953, Iranian nationalists can find the courage to steel themselves for the struggle to come. We have to look at Ahmadi Nejad actions to determine who is pulling his strings. His tough talk would be an empty rhetoric if is not followed by arresting and bringing to trial all Rafsanjani family as “Corrupt on Earth” and “Warriors Against God.” If his government does not confront the corrupt practices of the perverted British an American Islamists it would prove to be another subterfuge on Iranians by the London Terrorists.

Iran’s new president, Ahmadi Nejad, could conceivably break lose with his British masters and advocate Iranian nationalism. On the other hand, as a true believer, and follower of Dogma he might parrot the empty slogans of “ government of oppressed” to fool the believers, while continuing the wave of deceits and exploit Iranians as a puppet under the spell of British Imperialism, using radical Islam as a cover. How long it would last depends on the Imperialist whim of the British and its interplay with the CIA and its vast propaganda machine and foot soldiers.

Unlike the Mossadegh era, CIA and the British intelligence have ready made Ayatollahs for every occasion would use Islam as a cover for their treason against Iran and its hijacked democracy. In additions to CIA’s Mujaheddin Khalgh, just waiting outside border to terrorize Iran, millions of Westernized Iranian passport holders, with virtually thousands of Persian Web logs, newspapers, magazines, websites, and satellite transmitters would become the vanguards for imposition of American Democracy in Iran in another CIA insurgency. If this happen in this 52nd Anniversary of the Day of Infamy, every Patriot should cry for Iran.



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