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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Protest at UK's "Guantanamo Bay"

04-04-2004 21:24

Protesters look towards Belmarsh Prison
Over 200 people gathered from noon, Sunday 4 April, outside Belmarsh Prison in south east London to protest against the indefinite internment of 14 people and to demand the repeal of the UK's anti-terrorism laws.

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Russian is Arming: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Urugu

04-04-2004 20:53

Russian is Arming: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay

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Video clips from last week's Manchester West Bank Wall Die-In

04-04-2004 14:48

A scene from the die-in
On 28th March 2004, the Manchester Palestinian movement, organised under the umbrella of Manchester Palestine Forum, organised a protest action against the West Bank Wall. The protest took the form of a die-in.

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Wilkinson's Slave Labour Camps (IN THE UK!)

04-04-2004 02:29

Grass Roots Comes To Suburbia! In response to receiving this story i am organising a lock-down in a few local Wilkinson stores in north-west london. i personally will be chained to a checkout in Hayes and could do with some observers (legal knowledge and video artists would be helpful!). get in touch!

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Danny Glover Voices Concern Over US Intervention in Haiti

03-04-2004 21:20

Danny Glover in support of the Global Women's Strike gave an emotional talk today in Camden, London. He talked for over two hours about what he saw as the bogus intervention by the US in the domestic affairs of Haiti.

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SSA Marine--profile of a profitee

03-04-2004 09:28

Stevedoring Services of America, which recently shortened its name to “SSA Marine,” is a multi-national corporation with headquarters in Seattle. War profiteer, privatizer and globalizer, this corporate thug was involved in the police attack at the Oakland docks on April 7, 2003. On the anniversary of that day--let us return to the Port of Oakland to picket SSA!

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Arafat a possible target

03-04-2004 08:30

Copy/Paste from

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A tale for Easter

02-04-2004 15:40

Forgiveness: Should Tony Blair shake hands?

If Osama bin Laden said sorry, should Tony Blair shake his hand? That was the question posed on a recent Any Questions broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (Friday 26 March 2004, repeated Saturday 27 March 2004). The response of the panel was no. The concept of forgiveness, the need to break the cycle of violence, was entirely absent from the discussion.

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Itoiz Dam: Solidario Imprisoned

02-04-2004 14:30

Ibai Ederra of Solidarios con Itoiz imprisoned in Pamplona.

Support the Solidarios in prison!

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Palestinian Film Premier

02-04-2004 11:21

The film, 'Voices through the Rubble', which documents the continuing collective house demolitions and other abuses of Palestinian human rights in Gaza, will be premiered in Sheffield on Saturday April 3rd at the Sheffield Insititute for the Blind.

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Activist´s Struggle against Disability Discrimination

02-04-2004 09:05

One in seven of the UK's workforce are affected by disability. The current law and how it is applied is mostly employer - friendly. If you are disabled and want to work, you have to keep your mouth shut for fear of a life in poverty.

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Durban Activists arrested

01-04-2004 21:07

Legal march attacked, people assalted, arrested, appeal for solidarity

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British Government Murder in Ireland

01-04-2004 16:39

The Belfast based Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ), a human rights NGO, has just published the following summary of the findings of Canadian Judge Peter Cory (appointed by the British and Irish governments) in his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murders of Pat Finucane, Robert Hamill, Rosemary Nelson and Billy Wright. The full report into the murder of Pat Finucane is now available on the Pat Finucene Centre's website:

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The Right to Dissent and the Trial of Camilo Viveiros

01-04-2004 15:14

Camilo with tenet leader
April 7 is the beginning of the trial in Philadelphia, USA of community organizer Camilo Viveiros. This is the last of the criminal trials from the 2000 Republican National Convention. Will a steadfast and dedicated political organizer beat the fate of political imprisonment or will Police Chief John Timoney begin to be exonerated?

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01-04-2004 13:49

Using people imprisoned by the state as slave labour for private profiteers is the ultimate expression of the true nature of capitalism- fascist and totalitarian

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International DEMONSTRATION in Barcelona

01-04-2004 12:32

Call internationally to demand the freedom of our imprisoned comrades, and for a world without prisons.

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01-04-2004 10:29

The Metropolitan Police are attempting to remove Brian Haw from
Parliament Square. Brian has been protesting against US/UK policy on
Iraq (sanctions, war, occupation) and the war on terror since June 2001.

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Solidarity with Indo Election Boycott 5 April

31-03-2004 16:28