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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Colombia solidarity picket outside Downing Street

07-03-2008 18:05

As part of an international day of action in remembrance of the victims of paramilitarism and state terror in Colombia a large group of people picketed Downing Street in London on March 6th.

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Japanese Officials Caught Lying on Firearm Use against Sea Shepherd

07-03-2008 14:42

Paul Watson immediately after being shot by Japanese Coasr Guard
Captain Paul Watson was shot in the chest during an engagement between the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin and the Japanese whaling ship, Nisshin Maru on March 7. The Japanese Foreign Ministry and Institute for Cetecean Research have denied guns were used at all during the engagement in contradiction to advice given to Australian embassy officials in Japan and the reports from Sea Shepherd.

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Shell Shuts Up

07-03-2008 11:44

Student activists raised issues such as corporate corruption and climate change at a Shell-run event. Shell employees only commented "I do not have an opinion on this subject" when asked how they respond to these polemical matters.

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Guantánamo “Fair Trial” posters censored by shopping centre in Reading

07-03-2008 08:32

One of the “distasteful, offensive or political” posters that upset the Oracle.
Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files”, reports on an act of political censorship against a promotion aimed at fair trials for Guantánamo prisoners in a Lush store in a shopping centre in Reading.

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Protest at Total sponsoring French Film Festival

07-03-2008 01:43

French Film Director shocked at Total sponsorship of French Film Festival
Eight protesters demonstrated on Tuesday March 4th at the French Film Festival at London Cine Lumiere 17 Queensberry Place London. The protest was against Total sponsorship as the largest western sponsor of the brutal Burma military junta, not against the festival or the French films being shown. "Priceless" was the first film being shown and its amiable director Pierre Salvadori was shocked to learn that Total was sponsoring the festival.

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Paddy's Day Of Action Against Shell

06-03-2008 18:44

This year´s St Patrick´s day, Monday 17th March, has been called as an International day of action against shell, in solidarity with the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland.

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Voice from Gaza

06-03-2008 18:36

As the threat of all out war hangs over the Gaza strip and an Israeli Minister threatens a holocaust against the people living there, we publish interviews with people in the Gaza strip, conducted by journalists and political activists from the Bells of Return website, which campaigns for a secular one state solution for Palestine

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Instant Muscle 'workfare' Job Centre contractor goes bust

06-03-2008 16:34

Training provider Instant Muscle went into administration last week, leaving staff unpaid for February and unemployed trainees turned away from the doorsteps of their training centres. Staff were given termination letters as they arrived at work on the 27th.

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GOOD NEWS:Spanish drop extradition requests for Jamil El Banna and Omar Deghayes

06-03-2008 15:32

Omar Deghayes and Jamil El-Banna,along with Abdel Nour Sameur, returned to the UK from Guantánamo Bay in December 2007. Deghayes and El-Banna were promptly arrested under a European arrest warrant...

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26/01/2008: Beyond Slavery Conference - Time To Move On?

06-03-2008 10:25

Trident Armed Response Arrive On Neasden Lane July 2007...
On Saturday 26 January, 2008, The Synergy Centre in Southwark, London, hosted the Beyond Slavery conference. With noted black community members, historians and cultural commentators, the debate explored the contemporary relevance and legacy of slavery and colonisation, and their direct impact on modern-day social problems in South London. Video Journalist Jason N. Parkinson was there to document the debate. Ten videos covering the speakers, open forum and post conference interviews are available on You Tube to view. (Article below video links).

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Israeli Ambassador Cancels Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, in Face of Protests

05-03-2008 23:43

Israeli Ambassador cancels visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, in face of planned protests.

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International Zeitgeist Day, March 15th, find your local showing!

05-03-2008 21:59

Z-day details
Never posted on this site before, but could find no information regarding Z-day, so i thought I would take the initiative!
Zeitgeist is a free to view, non-profit documentary. More details below
video link:
find your local showing here:

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it's official: cops are wankers!

05-03-2008 21:34

The court case against a No Borders activist arrested for saying 'wankers' was laughed out of court this week.

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Brixton Reclaim Your Food Collective, 2 Arrests.

05-03-2008 18:55

Carrying on Regardless...
People taking part in Brixton's Reclaim Your Food weekly action faced arrest on Sunday (2nd March 2008 ) as they challenged the legitimacy of a Dispersal Order issued by the Lambeth branch of the Metropolitan Police.

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Interview with FARC Commander Raul Reyes

05-03-2008 17:59

Following the March 1st attack by a Colombian military operation that resulted in the death of 20 FARC forces including rebel leader Raul Reyes. Interview with slain FARC leader from July 2007.

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giving food to the homeless "antisocial behaviour". Two Arrested

05-03-2008 16:09

On Sunday the third of march, two members of a grassroots Brixton based group calling itself Reclaim Your Food were arrested for distributing free food to the public. The grounds for their arrest was that their presence constituted antisocial behaviour.

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Birmingham police forced press photographer to delete images

05-03-2008 12:05

The Editorial Photographers website has published an exclusive article about a Birmingham-based photographer who was forced by a police officer to delete images from his memory card while covering a protest on public roads outside the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham city centre. Lawrence Looi, from the News Team news agency, has since lodged a complaint with West Midlands Police.

The full article can be found here:

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Fitwatch Trial - Tomorrow - Thursday 6th March

05-03-2008 10:55

A Fitwatch activist is on trial tomorrow for obstructing the police whilst they were overtly filming the Climate Camp.

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6 March Colombia Day Of Action

05-03-2008 00:26


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Israeli Extra-Judicial Executions

04-03-2008 22:51

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights documented its extra-judicial executions from September 29, 2000 through December 2007 and updates it weekly on its web site -