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it's official: cops are wankers!

trucking banker | 05.03.2008 21:34 | No Border Camp 2007 | Migration | Repression

The court case against a No Borders activist arrested for saying 'wankers' was laughed out of court this week.

On the way to a demo at the No Borders camp last October an activist was arrested for saying 'wankers' in the presence of the police. She was charged with Section 5 of the Public Order Act and Section 50 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act for refusing to give the police her details when requested. She was chucked in the back of a van, kept in a cell for 8 hours and banned from Sussex for a month. 5 months later it was taken to a 3 day trial but thrown out of court on the first day under abuse of process as soon as the police opened their mouths. They stumbled over their evidence, contradicted themselves and showed their unbelievable lack of knowledge of the law as well as their aim to intimidate activists. Once again the police live up to their reputation.

trucking banker


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  1. Sue!!! — Paul Hussey
  2. Dont be wankers keep peace & defend people! — joni
  3. Yes, sue! — Annie Citizen
  4. Harry Roberts is our friend — (a)
  5. did you witness my arrest? — kartoonhead