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American MD's Cooperate In Torture at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib

28-06-2006 15:45

MD complicity with torture at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, in Afghanistan and other illegal CIA prisons around the world..
signing off on sleep deprivation, culling medical literature
for torture technique, etc.

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Manufacturing “terror” as a means of intimidation

28-06-2006 12:54

Following is an article from which exposes the terrorist threat in the USA to be a government organised fraud — in all the terror cases the article discusses the key organiser of the plots has been a government agent.

There is also ample evidence to suggest that this is also the case in the UK, see for example these articles from The Times, Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent, Police tracking bug found in 7/7 mastermind’s car and 7/7 ringleader was under CIA surveillance.

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Surviving the Gaza beach massacre

28-06-2006 09:49

Listen to an audio report with Ramadan the uncle of Iham Ralaya one of the only memeber of her family to survive the Gaza beach bombing This was recorded whilst he is staying in Tel Aviv hospital to support Iham.

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Palestine Today

28-06-2006 08:50

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Tuesday June 27th 2006

Updates about Gaza Two Palestinian workers killed trying to enter Jerusalem and Army arrests 15 residents form Bethlehem

Those stories and more coming up stay tuned

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On Israeli 'Reatliation' And Double-Standards

28-06-2006 03:16

Bombard the media and your elected representatives NOW, before Israel is again let off the hook for a military operation which will slaughter a large number of Palestinian civilians.

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A DECLARATION OF SOLIDARITY: Against European border policies

28-06-2006 02:27

Against European border policies, for the closure of Immigrant Detention Centers, for the dropping of all charges against of the Zona Franca detainees (Barcelona) of Saturday, June 24th.

All 59 protestors detained at last Saturday's action against the new detention center in Barcelona have now being released. But many have the threat of criminal charges.

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Israel Occupation Forces entering Gaza NOW! (by Latuff)

28-06-2006 02:04

Gaza strip is now free fire zone!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli occupation.

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Palestine Today

27-06-2006 17:02

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Tuesday June 27th 2006

Updates about Gaza Two Palestinian workers killed trying to enter Jerusalem and Army arrests 15 residents form Bethlehem

Those stories and more coming up stay tuned

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Critical mass cyclist wins judicial review against police

27-06-2006 15:57

Judge: ride "cannot by now sensibly be called anything but
common or customary"

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Philippines: Freedom from Gloria, Freedom from tyranny

27-06-2006 01:18

One hundred and eight years ago, the Filipinos, declared independence from the oppressive control of the Spaniards, today AKBAYAN declares freedom from a homegrown tyrannical regime. "Taking into account the fact that the people of this country are already tired of bearing the exploitative rule of the elites led by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), we say we have had enough of GMA," said AKBAYAN President Ronald Llamas today as the group joins protest actions in celebration of Independence Day.

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US Collusion with Iraqi Death Squads

26-06-2006 16:32

Max Fuller, member of the B Russells Tribunal Advisory Committee.

A recent case study in the dynamics of occupation and sectarianism

Part 1: Operation Knockout in Diyala Demonstrates US Collusion with Death Squads Death Squads

In November last year Sunni members of the Diyala provincial council began to boycott meetings in protest at a 13 November raid on the provincial capital Baquba and surrounding towns, according to a report [Google cache version] by UPI's Pentagon correspondent, Pamela Hess. According to a US military official, the boycotting council members sent a letter to the chairman of the council in which they alleged that that raid had been orchestrated by the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) as part of a plan to disenfranchise Sunnis during the upcoming elections.

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Mexican ex-political prisoners speak in Reading, 27/06/06

26-06-2006 16:25







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European Caravan for Freedom of Movement: 57 people are still under detention

26-06-2006 13:39

Last Saturday, the 24th of June, at 10.30 AM more than one hundred people from different European cities, congregated at the doors of the future Migrant Detention Center, which is in the course of being constructed in Zona Franca in Barcelona.

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OutRage!: 19 July- Intl Day of Action against Homophobic Iran

26-06-2006 12:56

OutRage! launches an Intl Day of Action against homophobic persecution in Iran. Several cities worldwide already setting up demo's. Email and letter actions also.

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Tunes dedicated to MATILDA from ONION & 2percent

26-06-2006 12:40

Tunes for Matilda

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Free the Barcelona 59!

26-06-2006 09:43

Saturday 23 of june, one hundred of activists from Spain and many other european countries entered, in a peaceful but determined way, the detention centres being built for immigrants in the neighbourhood of Zona Franca, Barcelona. This centre will a racist jail into which will be rounded up the immigrant citizen “guilty” of not having the “right” papers.

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Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign airport vigil, 24 June 2006

26-06-2006 05:40

A45 near Birmingham Airport, Saturday 24 June, 2006
On Saturday 24 June 2006, Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign held a vigil
on the A45 outside Birmingham International Airport to "demand action
to put a stop to the CIA's torture flights"

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more socpa violence and harrassment at the hands of the met

25-06-2006 21:25

barbara tucker was today violently assaulted outside downing street. meanwhile steve was arrested for holding a banner appealing for witnesses to his assault last week

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Glasgow rendition flights vigil

25-06-2006 17:01

A vigil has taken place this weekend at Glasgow Airport to highlight "extraordinary rendition" flights.

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Demonstration at Tinsley House - banned by police

25-06-2006 13:54

Protestors who travelled to Gatwick on Saturday 24th June 2006, to demonstrate outside the removal centre were stopped by police some two miles from the centre. They were confined to a half acre of grass after the Senior police officer from the Sussex police read out Section 14 to the Public Order Act.