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Free the Barcelona 59!

NoBorders | 26.06.2006 09:43 | Refugee Week 2006 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | World

Saturday 23 of june, one hundred of activists from Spain and many other european countries entered, in a peaceful but determined way, the detention centres being built for immigrants in the neighbourhood of Zona Franca, Barcelona. This centre will a racist jail into which will be rounded up the immigrant citizen “guilty” of not having the “right” papers.

As in the italian case, also in the Spain of the democractic and progressive Zapatero, millions of euros have been spent in building horribles prision facilities for the administrative detention of people that are not guilty of any offence but the one of willing to live and travel in Europe. This detention camp of Zona Franca will be the biggest of Spain.

The activists occupied it, showing banners and slogans against human rights violations and for the closing of every racist prison. Then they started to dismantle it, from the cages to the internal surveillance devices, putting all this stuff outside in the sight of everybody.

The anti-riot police entered with violence, though the protesters remained
calm and steady. Journalist inside where among those hurt in the police action. Police used dogs and with threats and aggressions, rounded up the 59 activists. Currently these are solidarity actions and protests are going on in Barcelona.

We ask the immediate release of all the comrades detenees! Amongst them there are peoples coming form many cities in Italy.

We reclaim the legitimacy of every kind of action aimed to, dismantle and
put out of order every detention camp all over Europe.

We did it in Bologna in 2002 and in Gradisca D’Isonzo, against the biggest detention center for immigrants in Italy.

We reclaim the right to escape for all the immigrants prisoners in the
camps, like it happened in Turin in the past weeks.

We reclaim the right to sustain the internal revolts, the right shows of
refusals against these terribles violations of human rights.

We reclaim the right to build up network of protection and escape for
illegals immigrants that flee form absurd immigration laws.

We reclaim our right to fight for a different Europe, for immigrants and
for ourselves together. An Europe of freedom of movement, of freedom from explioitation.

We remember that Zapatero’s Spain is the same where 40 people that where crossing the border have been killed by the police. To the Italian
center-left government we promise a good autumn to talk about the closure of the italians detention centers. Because we won’t wait anymore.

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