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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Greg Palast: BBC At War

29-01-2004 20:14

An excellent analysis of the Hutton whitewash.

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29-01-2004 18:26


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James Ashley shooting by Sussex Police

29-01-2004 05:16

The Heartbroken family of James Ashley, shot dead by Sussex Police in his St Leonard's home during a bungled raid, have sent a message to his killers in the sixth anniversary of his death.

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Class analysis of Palestine

28-01-2004 22:11

Palestine from a Marxist/Arab nationalist perspective

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28-01-2004 17:29

Eduardo Alonso Sanchez, 20 years old and waiting trial for terrorist crimes, writes from prision about his arrest in Valencia on the 7th July and the following treatments to which he was subjected under the spanish anti-terrorist law.

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AGENDA for ESF meeting at GLA building 29th at 6.00 pm

28-01-2004 15:04

A PROPOSAL from the one of the practicality group - AGENDA FOR 29th UK MEETING - please add to it.

The last meeting had no agenda or agreed facilitator we need to change this if the ESF is not to descend into a farce.

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outFarpress presents "Reining In The Patriot Act" with ACLU Lawyer

28-01-2004 09:09

A 59 minute speech by Judith Volkart of the N CA ACLU. An update on what is known and being done to "rein in" the Patriot Act. 2 files- broadcast and slow modem. Free to rebroadcast upon notification.

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Footage from Fairford coach Judicial Review Jan 2004

27-01-2004 23:17

Footage of Rhytmns of resistance protest outside Royal courts of Justice on JAn 15th 2004.

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'NO WAR' against Sydney Opera House 2 - Interview with 1 'artist' = Dave Burgess

27-01-2004 19:19

On January 30 [Will+Dave] will be charged for painting NO WAR in 5m high blood-red letters on the Sydney Opera House [..] Now the state authorities are [..] threatening a jail sentence of 5(!) years, plus charging an outrageous A$151,000. [..] Green Left Weekly spoke with Dave Burgess about the "very real prospect of going to gaol" (so Judge Blackmore) [..]

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Holocaust Day is Hutton Eve - poem

27-01-2004 17:11

An 18 line poem the peace and justice campaigner author was moved to create after attending a Holocaust Memorial in Swindon on 27 Jan - just one day before Hutton reports on death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly

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Hey, screws, leave those kids alone

27-01-2004 12:19

"Disruptive" children who won't bow down to the screws' authority in youth prisons are put in solitary confinement - thrown naked (because apparently clothing "threatens the child's safety"!) into illegal "strip cells" with no light, ventilation, furniture or sanitation, where they are forced to use the floor as a toilet. Over the last year more than 100 children were sent to these cells for periods of up to 5 days each. The Howard League for Penal Reform is investigating an allegation that two young offenders were kept in solitary confinement for more than a year.
[from Freedom, Anarchist News and Views newspaper]

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23 homes of zapatistas burned down in Montes Azules

26-01-2004 23:32

The Human Rights Center Bartolome de las Casas transmits this denuncia received yesterday, 22nd of January, 2004, regarding the burning of houses and the detention of the citizen Joshué Jiménez Cruz in the community Nuevo San Rafael, located in the Montes Azules Biosphere reserve.

Human Rights Center Bartolome de las Casas 23rd January, 2004

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When Occupation Isn’t Enough: Ethnic Cleasning Techniques

26-01-2004 23:11

Why some men and women refuse:

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Police Frame James Thorne: Trial this week

26-01-2004 16:32

Your Manchester comrade James Thorne is being tried on a trumped up assault charge after police violently dispersed a peaceful protest last June. All support on 29/30 January at Manc Magistrates Court warmly appreciated.

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SWP/GR (solitary wanker party) hijacks 2004 ESF (European Social Forum) process

26-01-2004 14:55

The European Social Forum is supposed to be a non hierarchical gathering of grass roots alternatives to the traditional political process.

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Urgent: Battered Women Deportation Hrngs Tues & Wed

26-01-2004 09:23

Please take the time to send a few emails, stick up for people who need support in their struggles. Please consider printing up the attached flier for your area.

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Parenting Versus Protesting? Kids at protests

26-01-2004 01:51

Is it irresponsible to take kids to political protests? Are some protests safe and others not? How do you tell the difference? I interviewed 12 activists, 10 of whom are parents, 7 of whom are street medics on this topic.

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35th day of hunger strike protest at Seven Sisters

25-01-2004 21:11

Report on Day 35 of the Seven Sisters hunger strike concentrates on yesterday's rally at the hunger strike tent, which attracted some mainstream media attention.