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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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constructive elements threaten MPH

29-06-2005 17:55

Bucky Bloc
The notorious authoritarian group Dissent has cancelled plans to disrupt this Saturday's passive Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Other groups however...

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Bush: USS Titanic stays the course...

29-06-2005 14:41

About the gangsters that seize Indymedia servers: The US cabal's presidential 'front man' offered no shift of course: "We have a clear path forward,'' he said, sounding like the SS Titanic's captain, ignoring the many icebergs surrounding him.

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Worker's rights campaigners slam Fila

29-06-2005 13:14

Activists ask attention for garment workers...
June 28, 2005 - Today Wimbledon is showcasing the tennis
world’s top talents, some outfitted in gear from sportswear giant Fila.
But while Grand Slam tennis calls for fair play, off the grass courts
Fila is anything but fair.

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G8A Offered New March Route for 1st Day of G8 Summit

29-06-2005 01:43

Following talks with police, the local authorities have offered G8Alternatives an alternative march route for their planned demonstration at Gleneagles on the first day of the G8 Summit.

The route would be from Tullibardine to Auchterarder, rather than than marching past gleneagles hotel itself.

See map:,+Perth+and+Kinross+[City/Town/Village]&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf

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7 people arrested in Barcelona (Spanish state) during a manifestation

29-06-2005 01:25

Freedom all prisoners!!!
7 people arrested in Barcelona (Spanish state) during a manifestation in solidarity with the anarchists jailed in italy.

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'Anna's nightmare' in detention's living hell

28-06-2005 21:06

"gate-keepers" to the role of abnormality
"She was unco-operative during the medical induction, by crying, being confused and upset," Mr Palmer says.

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Israelis unleash a new Weapon: Scream

28-06-2005 18:23

Israelis unleash Scream at protest New weapon knocks crowds off feet Sound blast triggers nausea, dizziness

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28-06-2005 17:40

Blair puts in a much stronger showing as the antichrist's dog than as the antichrist himself, with only 56,000 entries for the google search blair antichrist against 121,000 for blair poodle. Cheney and Sharon are in a tight race for 3rd place, while Rumsfeld and Putin bring up the rear.

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Who Killed Tom Hurndall? ISM London action in Camden

28-06-2005 16:38

On the day that the verdict was given in Israel on the killer of Camden resident Tom Hurndall, ISM London held a small action pointing out that systematic Israeli government/military policy is responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians - not just some "bad apples".

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Photos of demonstration at Campsfield

28-06-2005 16:36

The young man who died was called Ramazan Komluca, he was Kurdish.

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The White Tower was occupied-Solidarity with Bahoz!

28-06-2005 16:28

The White Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece was occupied today as a solidarity action with Bahoz, who is today on his 43rd day of hunger strike

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Mainstream Media Coverage of Bristol IMC Server Seizure

28-06-2005 16:05

Collecting links and media coverrage of the police take down and seizure of Indymedia Bristol's web server and arrest of indymedia volunteer.

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Bahoz hunger striker//medical update

28-06-2005 15:57


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Antics of ASIO

28-06-2005 13:29

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is at present scurrying about attempting to gain some credence by engaging in a series of raids in Sydney and Melbourne. The focus of these “raids” has not been clarified – the term “terrorists” was of course mentioned but no arrests were made. The raids were described by ASIO liaison as “preventative measures,” designed to disrupt “future” organised terrorist attacks! Therefore these raids could be accurately described as ‘pre-emptive’ actions; we know the result of pre-emption without accurate, solid evidence. If the evidence does not exist the raids would then be pure harassment and illegal.

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G8 Journalism and Public Order Policing

28-06-2005 01:07

Public Order at the G8

What can journalists attempting to cover protests around the G8 meeting on 6-8 July expect? Louis Charalambous, a solicitor specialising in Public Order law, gave some notes to the June London Freelance meeting.

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BAeS Arms Trade Protest

27-06-2005 23:39

Development of regular protest at BAe weapons factory at Brough(Humberside). 2nd protest took place outside the main gates.

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Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

27-06-2005 22:53

Former MI5 agent David Shayler, who previously blew the whistle on the British government paying Al Qaeda $200,000 to carry out political assassinations, has gone on the record with his conviction that 9/11 was an inside job

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Rethink policy of deporting failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers

27-06-2005 22:11

Officials in the Zimbabwe government have publicly said Britain is training spies, mercenaries and agents to destabilise the country and is sending them into Zimbabwe under the guise of returning failed asylum seekers.

On arrival the deportees are invariably met by Mugabe’s secret police, detained, tortured and interrogated. Some of the deportees have not been heard of since. Their families, both in Zimbabwe and in Britain, report that the last they heard of them was that they had been picked up by the secret police.

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Bristol Indymedia server seized tonight

27-06-2005 18:59

Have just been informed that police visited the home address of a member of the Bristol Indymedia Collective (BIM) late this afternoon (approx 5.30pm) armed with a search warrant.

They seized from the property the persons personal computer, as well as the Bristol Indymedia server. The member of the collective has also been taken into custody, although his partner was told this was just for a 'chat' and he'd be home soon!?

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Roma Parliament Opposes Bulldozing of Dale Farm

27-06-2005 18:39

Contacts: Grattan Puxon 01206 523528 and Veerendra Rishi: 07788436348