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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Update on Krynki Noborder Camp- 4th of July

05-07-2003 15:28

From the 2nd to the 7th of july a Noborder Camp is taking place in Krynki, Poland to protest against tightened visa regulations which are imposed on Poland to join the EU and in order to become a full member, it has to obey and impose Schengen Regulations to its Eastern neighbours, such as Russia, Belarussia and Ukraine.

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Kristen Ess : "Maybe you will get a state in 2005"

05-07-2003 14:46

Each week Kristen Ess files reports and gives voice to Palestinians, providing a necessary forum for understanding and ending the human rights disaster in Occupied Palestine. Please distribute widely. Includes 35s announcement & LATEST report filed on July 4th, 2003. Length: 10:13

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Protest, in Gaborone, Botswana

05-07-2003 11:45

A small anti-war protest in Gaborone, Botswana

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NYC sued over 'non-vegetarian' prison policy

04-07-2003 20:39

Lawyers for the three inmates, serving sentences ranging from one year to two to six years on criminal mischief charges for their activities during a protest against animal testing, said they believe this is the first suit of its type against the New York City Department of Corrections (DOC).

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04-07-2003 18:42

Investigative journalist Ritt Goldstein's chilling commentary upon the growth of contemporary fascism. While versions of the piece have been printed in Europe, this is the first time it has appeared in English, this version created for Goldstein's fellow Americans.

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Secret Tribunals Approved

04-07-2003 17:28

This is a test case, because if these British subjects can be detained, held incommunicado, tortured, tried in secret and executed by the USA.... SO CAN YOU!

I'd expect a public outcry?

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Open Letter to Jack Shit

04-07-2003 14:16

An open letter to Jack Straw who is responsible for the human and civil rights of British citizens abroad.

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03-07-2003 18:24



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Khatami Threatens to Resign if Students are Executed

03-07-2003 16:07

The Student protests in Iran are entering their third week and it seems the situation is still far from being under control. Over the past two weeks, more than 8,000 students have been arrested during demonstrations against the regime and religious clerics. At an emergency meeting of the High Council of National Security which took place this week, President Khatami condemned proclamations of senior religious clerics to execute the student leaders, according to the London-based daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat.

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Costs of policing operations at RAF Fairford

03-07-2003 14:41

House of Commons
Hansard Written Answers text for
Tuesday 1 Jul 2003

1 Jul 2003 : Column 254W

RAF Fairford

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03-07-2003 12:18

Next week Uribe Velez (the president of Colombia) has been invited by Blair to visit the UK for a meeting which aims to generate further "Aid" for Colombia.
This "Aid" will be used to further repress the Colombian people for the benefit of multinational investment.
It is imperative that we mobilize on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th July to let Blair and Uribe know that we do not support this repression and that we are in solidarity with the Colombian people.
See the communique below for further info:

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Martin Shaw leaves hospital after one month

03-07-2003 07:47

Anti-G8 activist Martin Shaw was released from Lausanne hospital this morning. He has spent a month recovering from near-fatal injuries sustained from an incident on the 1st of June in which the Swiss police cut the rope that he and his climbing partner were hanging from while attempting to stop delegates from attending the G8 summit in Evian.

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Statement of Martin Shaw on leaving hospital

03-07-2003 07:28

Today I am leaving hospital after two operations and a month recovering from injuries that I sustained as a result of police actions in response to direct action that we took on the Aubonne bridge on the 1st of June. In this statement I wish to elaborate our reasons for making this action, and show how the extreme response to this protest fits into a wider political context

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Poisoned Water on Tap Paid for by Us

03-07-2003 04:42

Democratic Mass Medication?!! Fluoride, more poisonous than lead, bone cancer, brittle bones and low I.Q are just a few of the effects! There are no benefits. Protest while you can, let your MP's know, they mustn't get away with this human rights abuse.

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Cambridge Day X accused walk free!

02-07-2003 16:55

The four accused for actions relating to the protest at the start of the Iraq war, saw their charges dropped today afternoon in Cambridge.

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Perfect World a prophecy

02-07-2003 04:44

Keep it comin til they all runnin, screamin, bloody murder At war with them inner demons, it's goin down Invasion, U.S.A., spittin rounds If these shells hit the battleground, pave the way for birth of a Generation, X Spoken with a project dialect, bomb threat to the air waves, hit the deck Pressed for time in a world lacking sunshine Got love for my family, cause they mine

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addresses of prisoners held in salonika

01-07-2003 09:50

contact details of prisoners held in thessaloniki

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REVIEW book Web of Deceit

01-07-2003 02:37

Curtis powerfully demolishes the rhetoric behind the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, revealing how they fit a pattern, not of humanitarian intervention, but of control of 'Third World' natural resources and markets through the installation of US-friendly 'democratic structures'.

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Evian G8 Solidarity - Financial Call

30-06-2003 22:43

this call has been written by all the legal support groups working on
the evian g8 situation and fwd to the imc europe list.
if you can give visibility to it on your site it would be wonderful :)))