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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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WikiLeaks release Spy Files; Veterans for Peace call support action for Monday

03-12-2011 14:29

This week, WikiLeaks – working in association with Bugged Planet, Privacy International and media organizations from six countries – released a first selection of documents revealing the international trade in mass interception of phone and email communications, citing 160 companies by name

Across the world, mass surveillance contractors are helping intelligence agencies spy on individuals and ‘communities of interest’ on an industrial scale.

The Wikileaks Spy Files reveal the details of which companies are making billions selling sophisticated tracking tools to government buyers, flouting export rules, and turning a blind eye to dictatorial regimes that abuse human rights.

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Flyer for 8 Dec Solidarity action, Liverpool: Census refuser in court

02-12-2011 21:56

Here's a flyer to print out and share.

Sarah Ledsom is at Liverpool Magistrates Court on Thursday 8 December for refusing to complete the census on the grounds of Lockheed Martin's contract to process census data. Sarah's objections relate particularly to the use of Lockheed Martin weapons by Israel on the people of Palestine. Solidarity demo from 9.30am on the 8th.

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Zapatista Solidarity Demonstration Saturday 3rd December

02-12-2011 20:09

Global Weekend of action in resistance to Slaughter in Chiapas.
2pm outside Mexican embassy

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Australian solidarity with Assange as he returns to UK High Court Dec 5th

01-12-2011 21:07

Picture from the rally on 25 November
Adele Goldie reports on Brisbane solidarity action for Julian Assange in the run-up to his hearing in the High Court in London on 5 December.

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The Times calls for Press TV closure

01-12-2011 20:07

An editorial in the Times, headed by scandal-struck Rupert Murdoch, has called on the UK government to shut down Press TV's London office simply because the alternative news network is funded by Iran.

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'(Police use of) Taser is used as a means of compliance' says the IPCC!

01-12-2011 19:50

'Metropolitan Police commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, said fewer people are being tasered by officers'.
As usual, the Met LIE, then get caught lying after a Freedom of Information request shows cops are trigger-happy with their new deadly toys


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Afghanistan: ISAF kills 3 women

01-12-2011 12:28

Afghanistan ISAF-Panzerhaubitze
ISAF kills 3 women in Zheray district ...... He added that the day before and today, two other women also died in the hospital and in addition to a one-year old girl, two others are still injured ......... As a result of the firing of mortars by ISAF forces, three women were killed in one home and two others injured in another. Haji Mohammad Sarwar Khan, one of the tribal elders of the Zheray district, told PAN on 29th November that the incident took place two days back in the Nalghaam village of the district.

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Undercover Met Police WPC spotted at N30

30-11-2011 21:10

Undercover Met Police WPC spotted at N30

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Protest Tonight 8pm, Stoke Newington Police Station

30-11-2011 16:34

Solidarity demo tonight after 30 arrested in Dalston.

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What’s next in Calais?: UK infotour

30-11-2011 15:02

There will be two info tours in the UK over the coming month: one series of talks in the North and two talks in London. We will provide an update on the current situation with No Borders in Calais and discussion about the future of the project.

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Riot police outside now

30-11-2011 11:44

Police repression as part of n30 policing.

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'No crime committed' in Smiley raid

30-11-2011 07:37

The non-Independent 'Independent Police Complaints Commission' (IPCC) have incredibly ruled that four police officers who were in the house of Mr Emmanuel, aka reggae singer Smiley Culture, at the time of a police raid did not commit any offence during the raid. It also ruled that were "no individual failings which amounted to misconduct" of the officers.

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Birmingham City Council tries to sabotage N30 demo

29-11-2011 12:23

Unions have accused Birmingham City Council of trying to sabotage the N30 demonstration after asking for £8,000 to cover the cost.

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Masked Imperialism: US-Obama-Doctrine !

29-11-2011 12:22

US-Power Front in Global War ...
Obama Doctrine: Imperialism Masked as «Humanitarian Interventionism» ......... The Obama administration, in yet another display of the use of Orwellian language, has embarked on a military doctrine called “Mass Atrocity Prevention” (MAP), the Pentagon operational plan to implement the White House’s “R2P” or “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. Essentially, the Pentagon doctrine is crafted to militarily support the intervention of regional and worldwide international forces operating under the umbrella of NATO, UN, the African Union, the Organization of American States (OAS), the Arab League, and other organizations in the name of “humanitarian” intervention to prevent widespread massacres. The doctrine’s first major test case was in Libya, where NATO forces, in support of Western- and Saudi/Gulf potentate-backed rebel forces, ousted the 42 year-old regime of Muammar Qaddafi.

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Call to action on 3rd and 4th December

29-11-2011 07:45




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Calais No Borders events at two London occupations this week

27-11-2011 20:29

Two dates for your diary -- please spread the word ...

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Michael Lyons released from military detention

27-11-2011 17:36

Michael Lyons
Earlier this month, Michael Lyons, the navy medic who was sentenced to detention in Colchester Military Corrective Training Centre for refusing to take up arms and protesting the war in Afghanistan, was released.

Michael Lyons was inspired to take action after studying some of the material Bradley Manning is accused of disclosing via WikiLeaks, especially about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bradley Manning's pre-trial hearing starts on 16 December in the US.