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What’s next in Calais?: UK infotour

No Borderer | 30.11.2011 15:02 | Migration | Repression | Cambridge | World

There will be two info tours in the UK over the coming month: one series of talks in the North and two talks in London. We will provide an update on the current situation with No Borders in Calais and discussion about the future of the project.

Sessions will include a talk on the situation, both in general political terms and the current shape of Calais Migrant Solidarity, links with other struggles and new projects. Films about the life of migrants in Calais shown.
The discussion will be open and informal, trying to draw on different ideas, encourage people to come to Calais and find new ways of working there.
Come along if you’re interested and want to know more, have been to Calais dozens of times, or anywhere in between.


If you’re interested in coming to any dates not fully confirmed, please email
Please also get in touch if you want the info tour to come to you- if there’s energy in a host town, we are mobile!

1st Dec: Cambridge 7.30 pm, Bharat Bhavan, House of India, on Mill Road

6th Dec: Edinburgh 7.00 pm, Autonomous Centre Edinburgh

8th Dec: Manchester 7.00 pm, Plan B Housing Co-op.

9th Dec: Leeds 7.00 pm, The Space Project, Madgate Green

Sheffield and Glasgow TBA in the near future: watch this space…


There will also be talks in London over the coming days:

2nd December: 5pm @ Bloomsbury Social Centre, Russell Sq/Euston station tube

3rd December: 6.30pm @ Bank of Ideas, Moorgate/Liverpool St tube

Fuller details here:

All welcome!

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