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Riot police outside now

Peckham Social Centre | 30.11.2011 11:44 | Free Spaces | Policing | Repression

Police repression as part of n30 policing.

There have been two vans of riot pigs outside Peckham Social Centre since 9am in a blatant intimidation attempt. This seems to be part of wider repression as part of the N30 strike policing and the Met’s bullshit ‘total policing’ agenda in general with reports of riot pigs outside the bank of ideas in the city too.

We do not think a raid is imminent but we would warn anyone who is thinking of coming down that you will probably be stopped and searched. Remember, you do not have to give personal details and that valid stop and search grounds are required. Be sure to get your stop and search receipt for your scrap book/to sue the bastards.

Solidarity with the workers out today who want to bring this and all government down.

Peckham Social Centre
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