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'No crime committed' in Smiley raid

copyleft | 30.11.2011 07:37 | Anti-racism | Policing | Repression

The non-Independent 'Independent Police Complaints Commission' (IPCC) have incredibly ruled that four police officers who were in the house of Mr Emmanuel, aka reggae singer Smiley Culture, at the time of a police raid did not commit any offence during the raid. It also ruled that were "no individual failings which amounted to misconduct" of the officers.

Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, died from a single stab wound to the heart during a police operation at his home in Surrey on March 15.

From Press Association Ltd report, entitled "'No crime committed' in Smiley raid" (30/11/2011):

However, investigators flagged up "concerns" about certain aspects of the home search, including "operational planning and risk management", said an IPCC spokesman, who added that a separate report detailing the concerns and making recommendations is being sent to Scotland Yard.

The full investigation report has been sent to the coroner dealing with Mr Emmanuel's case. The inquest into his death, which will be held before a jury, will not take place until the conclusion of two criminal trials to which Mr Emmanuel was allegedly linked.

The full IPCC report will be published when all of the proceedings have concluded, a spokesman said.

Mr Emmanuel's death was described as "bizarre" by his family, who also criticised police at the time.

Smiley Culture's autobiographical 1984 hit Police Officer tells how he was caught in possession of cannabis but let off when the officer recognised him as a reggae artist.