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Zapatista Solidarity Demonstration Saturday 3rd December

Zapatista Solidarity | 02.12.2011 20:09 | Repression | Workers' Movements | Zapatista | World

Global Weekend of action in resistance to Slaughter in Chiapas.
2pm outside Mexican embassy

Calderon's government has increased its attack on the Zapatista struggle. The Mexican state is slaughtering innocent citizens, destroying schools and illegally detaining activists in Chiapas and across the country.

In response to this The Other Campaign has called for a global day of action. There will be a mobilisation at 4:00pm (10:00pm GMT) in Mexico City. Let the Mexican Government see that the whole world is against their regime of brutality with images of resistance from Capital cities including London.

Gather at 2pm outside the Mexican Embassy 16 St. George Street, Lon W1S 1FD
About 5 mins from Oxford Circus.

Sound-system included

Zapatista Solidarity