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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Camp X-Ray Film - Dancehouse Manchester

21-11-2004 13:40

The premier screening of Manchester based UHC Collective’s Camp X-Ray
film will be showing at the Dancehouse Theatre, Oxford Road, Manchester on
Sunday 12th December at 7.30 pm.

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Brutality of the Islamic Regime

20-11-2004 20:58

IRI Brutalities
The Unknown Victims of the 1999 Student Uprising

November 20, 2004
Iran va Jahan
Koorosh Sehati

Translated from Persian text: Potkin Azarmehr

After the student uprising in July 1999, a massive crackdown took place in Iran. Many students were imprisoned, many disappeared and many were seriously injured. However, the crackdown in Tehran and some other cities like Tabriz was so severe that the events in other Iranian cities were somewhat under shadowed. Ahwaz, a hot Southern Iranian city was one of those where the suppression of the uprising was under reported.

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Street protests greet Apec summit

20-11-2004 16:18

More than 4,000 military-style police on the streets, using water cannon and tear gas on protesters in Santiago ahead of a summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation forum (Apec). Just hours before US President George W Bush arrived, crowds threw stones and chanted slogans against the US leader. Up to 250 people were arrested on the fourth day of confrontations between police and protesters. Mr Bush and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are to attend the summit, where talks will focus on security and trade.

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Urgent campaign against deportation of Oxford University student

19-11-2004 09:23

Azim Ansari is an Afghan refugee studying at St Johns. The Home Office is trying to deport him and his brother back to Afghanistan, claiming it is now safe for them to return.

They want to stay here, to work and build a secure life for themselves. They fear further persecution in Afghanistan and since the disappearance of their family they have nobody and nothing to go back to.

More details of their case here:

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19-11-2004 03:14

I am a former stateless refugee. From america, england and france, we lost fifty percent of our lands....our lands will never be returned to us. My life was just deportation, refugee camps, waiting for the good will of others.

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Who Can Stop Bush? A Coalition of Other Nations!

19-11-2004 00:51

So the US is going down, for now, but we can prevail elsewhere!

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Fallujans pay the price of liberation

18-11-2004 20:30

When a nation's identity, existence and dignity is put at risk, the sacrifice required is far more than the lives of a group of fighters, and that is why Falluja has chosen to carry the flag of resistance in Iraq, in the clear knowledge it may be wiped out.

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"The Streets of Baghdad"

18-11-2004 19:53

** Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches **

November 18, 2004

The Streets of Baghdad

We had our daily car bomb today when a suicide bomber drove his car into
a US patrol as it passed near the Yarmouk police station. Several Iraqis
were killed, with no report yet on US casualties. I felt the rumble even
though I was on a street far away from the blast-at least 5 miles distant.

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M.E.P. get involved in Indymedia harddrive seizures

18-11-2004 13:04

Phillip Whitehead MEP asked a question in the European Parliment about the seizures

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Come on and make a stand, join the Caravan of Love!!

18-11-2004 10:07

I was emailed this by the ISM (Internationalk Solidarity Movement - international peace activists working in human rights in Palestine, for those that don't know), and thought as many people should know about it as possible.

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o2 host wap chat with Tony Blair on Thursday 25th November

18-11-2004 09:56

I work for o2 and got an interesting work email today stating that the prime war criminal himself is going to be available to answer public questions, on the o2 active wap site. I read into it, and its maybe not as exciting as directly putting questions to the man, but...

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No To the Children Bill

18-11-2004 09:23

This week by a majority of 12 the House of Lords have approved the latest reading of the Children Bill...we can now look forward to every child being on Big Brother's database, accessible to all and sundry who are allegedly "professionals"...and for what? "Every Child Matters" was the mantra, for what purpose?

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Ballots Or Bullets?

18-11-2004 03:38

The only choice we'll have is between ballots and bullets if we want to remain free. That is the dilemma facing America today. Do we restore integrity into our election process today or do we face a dark choice later?

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"Dogs run free" @ 1in12Club, 5th Dec

17-11-2004 18:07

indycafe screening "Dogs Run Free"
@ 1in12 Club, Bradford
7.30pm sun 5th Dec
A 33 min's informative and analytical glance over the building of Fortress Europe through migration management, regulation, and control.

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"Arafat's Dead - Long Live Palestine!"

17-11-2004 16:49

Arafat died at about three in the morning, the day after a particularly holy night during Ramadan. If he had died a few hours before, he would have been considered even more blessed in the Muslim world. A Palestinian joked to me that this was yet another historic opportunity missed…

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Freedom Now for the Workers of Caleta Olivia

17-11-2004 15:40

Kirchner verfolgt, nimmt fest und verurteilt diejenige, die für Arbeit, Lohn und Essen kämpfen.
Alle Gewerkschaftsorganisationen, sozialistischen und sozialdemokratischen Parteien müssen diese Tatsache zurückweisen und die sofortige Freilassung der inhaftierten Arbeiter von Caleta Olivia bei der argentinischen Regierung Kirchner fordern.

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Pickets and Resistance

17-11-2004 11:12

Pickets and demonstrations in Resitance to the ongoing occupation of Iraq.

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East Asian Anarchist/activist portal

17-11-2004 02:52 - Radical Voice of East Asia

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Uncensored Video / Text of US Troops Executing Wounded Falluja Mosque Prisoners

16-11-2004 17:07

FALLUJA: Summarily Executed - Uncensored Video / Text of US Troops Executing Wounded Falluja Mosque Prisoners

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Report of Fallujah demo and vigil in Glasgow Monday 15th 2004.

16-11-2004 12:44

Protest outside John Smith House, West Regent Street, Glasgow.
This is a short report with 6 photos of the protest against the Fallujah massacres in Glasgow on Monday 15th November and of the vigil for Fallujah on the same day.