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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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G8 report 6th July

08-07-2005 18:58

Eyewitness report, police tactics and suggestions for future demonstrations.

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Police use section 14 outside Edinburgh Prison

08-07-2005 18:10

Approximately 50 demonstrators show their solidarity with prisoners inside Saughton Prison, Edinburgh. Police use section-14 to restrict the area and duration of the protest.

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Demonstrators Protest at Edinburgh Prison

08-07-2005 17:30

Around 100 people demonstrated today Friday 8th July at Saughton prison Edinburgh. They showed their support for all arrested during and around the G8 demos, including those still in Saughton jail itself. At least seven prisoners from the Carnival for Full Enjoyment are still behind bars there, plus probably more from later protests.

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False Alarm or Hoax? Suspect Package Outside Edinburgh IMC

08-07-2005 16:38

This afternoon (Friday 8th July) there was a false alarm suspect package / bomb alert outside the Edinburgh IMC and Forest Cafe.

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08-07-2005 16:28

Great Escape Campaign flyer
12th-14th July 2005 THE GREAT ESCAPE BED PUSH
A crazy escape team will be pushing a psychiatric bed from Cygnet Secure
Psychiatric Hospital, South Bradford, across the Pennines to Central

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Eco-Worriers in Scotland

08-07-2005 14:34

Eco-Worriers Midland eco-band playing in Scotland during G8

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Medics Targeted at G8 : Interview with Arrested Medics : Transcript

08-07-2005 13:59

On Monday 4th July during the Carnival for Full Enjoyment in Edinburgh it became clear that the police were targeting the street medics for harassment and arrest. Medics were subjected to many stop and searches, five-six medics were arrested and their medic van seized. This pattern was repeated on some of the following days.

Indymedia spoke with two medics who had been arrested and mistreated on Monday 4th July. They received bail conditions that meant they had to leave the area and sign on at their local police stations every day until 10th July, thus removing them from the streets. We spoke to them just before they had to leave.

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Pictures of kids action at Stirling eco-camp entrance on Thursday evening

08-07-2005 11:18

On Thursday evening when we wanted to leave, the kids came with their banner wanting to persuade the cops to lt them through.
But as the police lines tightened, an impromptu street party took place instead.

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The Shy Man

08-07-2005 11:12

The Shy Man
A shy man photographed whils protesting on the Make Poverty History march - who is he?

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Terror on the Tube

08-07-2005 10:57

When does the customary whitewashed inquiry begin?

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Sick BNP tries to capitalise on the London bombings

08-07-2005 10:53

The British National Party is already trying to exploit yesterday's tragedy to spread racism and Islamophobia.

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The London Bombings: Time for Blair to Wake Up or Resign

08-07-2005 10:23

The US & UK’s oil & war-hungry foreign-policies look set to see London and other major western cities facing years, perhaps decades, of terrorist guerrilla warfare. Could our elected representatives be doing more to speak out against the illegal wars that have precipitated these barbaric acts?

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Who is to blame?

08-07-2005 08:58

British and London authorities should be ashamed of themselves for the
London bombings events.

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A Report on the Dire Situation Of Subcontinental Barmaids

08-07-2005 08:27

This report intends to bring to your attention the plight and distress of Subcontinental Barmaids, mostly Bangladeshis, who is in need of an urgent assistance and remedial action by the relevant Government Authorities and from the NGO’s in Bangladesh.

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Explosive interview - Stop and search techniques woefully inadequate

08-07-2005 02:04

A Bradford man explains how his stop and search was not at all thorough. If they are going to do it, then they should do it right.

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video:Police prevent journalist from documenting arrest on video

08-07-2005 00:48

There have been several accounts of police preventing the filming of arrests. One videographer described it as having been 'widespread' during the G8 summit.
This film shows one such occasion, during the Carnival of Full Enjoyment in Edinburgh 04.07.05, where the IMC journalist concerned had even shown an international press card.

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Edinburgh Vigil

08-07-2005 00:26

From 9pm, a small group gathered beside the galleries on Princes Street / The Mound to hold a vigil in support of those killed and wounded in the London bombings and in recognition of the violence of the past week.

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Wombles targeted in Glasgow police operation

07-07-2005 23:22

It is now emerging that while the blockades were up in Stirling and the gates of Gleneagles were being breached, a huge police operation was underway in Glasgow targeting the Wombles. There will be more news on what happened on 6 July shortly, but here is today's instalment.

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Photos from the G8 summit in gleneagles

07-07-2005 21:42

clown insurgents !
Please see for photos of the G8 demo including the break off demo in the fields! more photos uploaded there later.



ps please acredit sal achhala if u use the photos

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Alston points finger at 'anarchists'

07-07-2005 21:06

Australia's High Commissioner in London Richard Alston believes bombs in the city are most likely the work of anti-globalisation 'anarchists' to coincide with the Group of Eight summit meeting in Scotland.