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Who is to blame?

tibi | 08.07.2005 08:58 | G8 2005 | Analysis | Repression

British and London authorities should be ashamed of themselves for the
London bombings events.

British and London authorities should be ashamed of themselves for the
events that occurred the 7/7 05 in London.
While 1500 London police are over in Scotland, part of a 15,000-strong
policing force, watching people chant and march against the G8, they
apparently leave the capital unprotected.
Anyway Blair first said " it was reasonably clear the attacks had been
timed to coincide with the G8 summit in Gleneagles" and then: " the
people will not be intimidated after blasts hit London's transport
Its seems that the exasperation of control on people is unnecessary,
since the big efforts against the alleged terrorist are completely
Control against potential terroristic attack is hardening since
11 all over europe and the united states. Even on 7/7 in many countries,
like Italy, the premier declared being in higher
risks than before, while Us raised the alert level for the nation's mass
transit systems to orange.
means that the rise of the politics of fear may be grow, instead of
lowering the politic of war, repression of people all over the world, offence to the environment, waste of energy resources.



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