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Terror on the Tube

Og | 08.07.2005 10:57 | Repression | Terror War | London

When does the customary whitewashed inquiry begin?

Despite being on the highest alert and extra vigilant for the G8 Summit in the UK, intelligence services had no pre-warning and did not anticipate the London tube bombs, most of the Metropolitan Police were in Auchterarder, protecting world leaders from an angry mob.

There are no suspects and there has been no arrests, the investigation has only just begun and forensics have not concluded their task, yet Tony Blair has automatically blamed Muslims saying, "We know these people act in the name of Islam." The media has accused 'al Qaeda.'

Coincidentally, on July 7th Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury was with Muslims leaders in York and Charles Kennedy of the Lib Dems was meeting Muslims in Birmingham, he called the perpetrators, "monstrous and deserving international contempt."

The Muslim Council were compelled to condemn the attacks, as though they are culpable. No other ethnic community was obliged to denounce it. Another coincidence was Rudy Guilliani's presence in London, poised to make the comparison to September 11th in New York.

After the train blasts in the underground, it was exactly how I envisioned it would be... panic and pain, in deep, dark, smokey tunnels, impeding rescue efforts, but there were no pictures. That is why the bus was bombed on the surface, for a lasting visual image to shock and traumatise.

Holy warriors of the imaginary 'Secret Organsisation of Jihad in Europe' claimed responsibility. The G8 leaders put on a united front and used the atrocity to show the contrast between them, with their angelic, good intentions and the evil terrorists, implying a link between terrorism and poverty!

We had already seen a Chinook army personel carrier, ferrying police reinforcements into "The Battle of Gleneagles" which fizzled out after the terror attacks, but now we have soldiers on the streets of London, looking for 'suicide bombers.'

Sheeple will not object to increased security, surveillance, searches, detentions and intrusion into civil liberties if it prevents another "attack on civilization" and brings the "fanatics and extremists to justice."

But no-one will be tried and convicted for this horrific crime, based on evidence, because the group who planned and executed it are investigating themselves, as usual, and the £2 billion anti-terror-op, after the event, will target innocent Muslims.



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