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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Brown's Britain: 'Mother of Hypocrocies'

02-10-2007 21:02

So Britain lectures Burma on the right of people to protest, the U.N., sends an envoy there and the U.S. - whilst behaving in Iraq and Afghanistan as Burma's Junta, shooting, beating, torturing, imprisoning without trial - go in to broken record mode about the right to peacefully demonstrate and 'freedom and democrocy'. Meanwhile, the British government, under the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown (who as Chancellor of the Exchequer write the cheques for the Iraq and Afghanistan bloodbaths) has instructed the police to ban a peaceful march and Lobby of Parliament - on 8th October, the day that Parliament re-convenes after the summer break - demanding that British troops leave Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Deaths in Mental Health Custody

02-10-2007 17:06

As deaths in mental health custody rise in British hospitals, the family of a woman who died a year ago today carry on a campaign for justice. Sandra Jean Allen died on 2nd October 2006 after systemic problems with her mental healthcare. Supporters of the campaign are urged to join at or to email

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Schnews on Burma: a response

02-10-2007 14:35

The only thing to say about the title is we’re glad it won’t be easy to find if you’re googling for information on Burma. The actual details of the uprising are clearly unimportant to the authors or it might get more than half a scanty paragraph before USuk is invoked and the true purpose of the article is revealed.

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Craig Murray's new web server attacked

02-10-2007 13:52

Craig Murray's web site is still not back online after a lengthly downtime caused by Fasthosts disconnecting the server it was hosted on at the behest of Shillings who are acting on behalf of Alisher Usmanov. The latest twist in this story is that a further delay in the return of his site has been caused by the server it was due to go live on being attacked:

"Murray found a new home for his website, when our main man Rich stepped into the breach, offering to host the site on his server, in defiance of oligarchical bluster. This new Murray site was due to launch on Monday, October 1; but lo and behold, Rich's server was hit by the hacker firebomb on Sunday, September 30 – just hours before the Murray site was to go live."

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Account of AR UK 2007 & police raid

02-10-2007 11:48

The UK Animal Rights Gathering 2007 was taking place at a sanctuary in Kent last weekend. Over 200 people attended for workshops and discussions on various issues relating to animal rights, and to scoff Veggie's food. The entire event was peaceful and good natured, and made a mockery of a police who raided the site on Sunday.

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Report from Anarchist Black Cross & 325 Benefit event in Brighton

02-10-2007 11:42

via third rail
On Saturday 29 September the Havok, Terra Audio and 325 crew put on an illegal rave in an empty supermarket which they occupied for the purpose.

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Help peacenick Ehren Watada

02-10-2007 11:28

The Army is threatening to go ahead with a new court of martial of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada on Oct.
9th. This is in gross violation of law and the Constitution, because his lawyers have appealed
against a second trial on the basis of double jeopardy.

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Syrian Kurds to protest in London against 45 years of discriminatory policies

02-10-2007 00:53

Tens of Syrian Kurds from across the UK will gather in London on Friday, October 5th, to remember the 1962 exceptional census, which stripped around 120,000 Kurds of their nationality and civil rights. The demonstration, called by the Syrian-Kurdish community in the UK, will start at 13:00 and last for about two hours. A delegate will then go into 10 Downing Street to hand the Prime Minister's office a letter explaining their problems and demands.

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The Military Drills of September 11th: Why a New Investigation is Needed

01-10-2007 23:54

We bring to the attention of our readers this carefully researched analysis.

"Given the warnings of incipient terrorist attacks that had been repeatedly received by the Administration and the FBI, why would anyone coordinate two major annual air training exercises at this time, and divert key resources to the North Pole on an outdated mission? Who was in a position to do this?"

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Sheffield protest against repression in Burma

01-10-2007 20:32

Members of the Karen community in Sheffield were joined by activists and others to express solodarity with those opposing the regime in Burma.

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Blog strike for Burma! No blogging on 4th Oct: Burmese Bloggers Without Borders

01-10-2007 17:26

Following the lead of the fabulous Medicins sans Frontieres and Reporters sans Frontieres, the ever-fabulous Burmese People established Burmese Bloggers Without Borders on 30th September 2007. They are asking for a strike of supportive bloggers on Thursday 4th October, 2007.

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Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle

01-10-2007 15:03

I am still shaking, having trouble believing this.

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London demo against deportation of Iceland's Eco Activists - 2/10

01-10-2007 11:52

A demonstration against Iceland's persecution of environmental
activists will take place in London on Tuesday 2nd October 2007,
meeting at Sloane Square (nearest tube: Sloane Square) at 1pm.

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Burma: ask embassies in Rangoon to set up WiFi for photographic evidence

01-10-2007 06:30

The Junta have successfully cut off internet access to the outside world; some landlines are still working but mobiles can only pick up signals near the borders and are in any case rare at $1800 purchase price. The resistance have issued the following call for assistance via WiFi and the embassies in Rangoon.

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URGENT: Burma petition, e-signatures and forwarding requested

01-10-2007 03:09

To Chinese President Hu Jintao and the UN Security Council:

We stand alongside the citizens of Burma in their peaceful protests. We urge you to oppose a violent crackdown on the demonstrators, and to support genuine reconciliation and democracy in Burma. We pledge to hold you accountable for any further bloodshed.

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Peace March for Burma in London

30-09-2007 22:04

The march from Trafalgar Square to Battersea Park Peace Pagoda starter around 12 this after with a wide aray of banners and placards being waved by marchers bearing their solidarity with the monks and the people of Burma in their hour of need.

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Arrested for swearing- pics of the infamous arrest at no borders camp

30-09-2007 18:05

10:30am; Saturday 22nd Sept; Crawley; before the No Borders International demo: somebody looking for breakfast dared to swear/cough in the vicinity of a police officer...

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Tasers for the TSG

30-09-2007 16:46

Now the Met's riot squad will try out Tasers.

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Getting Lost In Translation: Ahmadinejad And The Media

30-09-2007 12:26

Obviously Ahmadinejad was not saying "We don’t have any homosexuals whatsoever in Iran" —something nobody in the world would believe, not even in Iran. And by implication, he was not telling his audience, I am a plain liar! —something which his audience at Columbia and the American media construed him to be saying.