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James Yee, wrongly imprisoned Guantánamo chaplain, on UK tour

19-11-2007 21:45

James Yee, a US Army Captain and the Muslim chaplain for the Guantanamo detainees in 2002-03, was, astonishingly, imprisoned as a spy and held for 76 days before being released without charge. After leaving the army, he wrote a book about his experiences, and is visiting the UK for a speaking tour.

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Chancellor of Bradford University jailed under Anti-Terrorism Laws!!

19-11-2007 21:44

Imran Khan, Chancellor of Bradford University, ex-cricketer-turned-politician, was handed over to the the Pakistan junta's police by Islamist students last week and now has been jailed under anti-terrorism laws. He started a hunger strike today, 19th Nov 2007. Support Bradford University's petition and campaign to free him. Support those imprisoned under the current de facto Martial Law. Support the people of Pakistan to be free!

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THOUGHT CRIMe' law HR 1955 Passed With 404 Votes !

19-11-2007 03:00

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed HR 1955, titled the
Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.
The full text is available at It was passed with 404 votes in favor.

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On the Philippine Congress Bombing (and Glorietta Mall blast)

19-11-2007 01:37

Bombing of the Philippine House of Representarives
Akbayan & Anak Mindanao Partylists condemn Batasan bombing

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Memorial for Carlos, antifascist killed by a nazi in Spain.

19-11-2007 00:03

Next Saturday 24th noon at Southbank, by the monument to the international brigades in Jubilee Gardens, we´ll gather to honour the memory of Carlos, an antifascist who was killed two weeks ago by a nazi in Madrid.

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We Are The History

18-11-2007 19:35

We are the history

Six years after the G8 Summit in Genoa the trails against protesters and members of the police forces are still continuing. the trials against the police and carabineri have been delayed to benefit from the new regulations of prescriptive periods. The procecutors Canepa and Canciani show strenght in the trials against the 25 activists. Never before in the context of street protest such high charges were asked for.

In Germany activists call for a protest on November 17th. Under the slogan "Against the surveillance state and arbitrariness" people demand that a few people should not get punished for a legitimate and collectiv protest by facing them with specially contructed charges.

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Flowers for Life in Iran Campaign

18-11-2007 14:15

There is a need to approach Ahmadinejad and the judges and tell them, in a peaceful but firm way, that life is sacred in every part of the world and according to all religions - that always invite the faithful to be compassionate. It is for this reason that we are asking you to send a white flower (symbol of life) and a red flower (symbol of blood) to the Iranian President, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, asking him not to spill the blood of other innocent victims, and to abandon the path of terror and violence.

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Gypsy in Italy: Resolution of the European Parliament

18-11-2007 01:42


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Protest against tourism in Burma at World Travel Market Exhibition

17-11-2007 23:31

Protest against tourism in Burma at World Travel Market Exhibition, ExCel London, November 14th. Burmese call for boycott of travel companies involved in tourism with Burma.

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Antifascist Concentration Sat. 24th November

17-11-2007 20:06

A memorial for Carlos, murdered spanish antifascist, and a protest against the banning of the antifascist demo that had been called for that day.
Meet at 12 by the International Brigades Monument @ Southbank
Jubilee Gardens, close to the London Eye.

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Total petrol station demo in Wrexham

17-11-2007 14:52

Wrexham Women for Peace and supporters held a demonstration at a local TOTAL petrol station in support of the people of Burma (Myanmar) this morning in advance of a national day of action against TOTAL next Saturday 24 November. Campaigners targeted the petrol station on the A483 Ruabon by-pass to draw attention to the links between French-owned TOTAL Oil and the Burmese military junta.

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unknown major Babeuf manuscript discovered in Moscou yesterday

17-11-2007 03:21

Moscou: unknown 1790-manuscript of the French Social Revolutionary Graccus Babeuf found in former Soviet collection

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Arrest warrant for Chris Eubank re: Peace Action

17-11-2007 01:32

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of ex-boxer Chris Eubank after he failed to turn up to court over an unlawful protest in Whitehall.

Eubank was charged after he tried to park his seven-tonne truck outside the gates to Downing Street in May in protest at UK policy in Iraq.

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Shell to Sea court cases: an account

16-11-2007 21:01

An account of the Shell to Sea cases in belmullet on wednesday 14th november, where 13 people appeared before the court relating to a number of different Shell to Sea protests.

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Sign the petition to No10 against custody deaths

16-11-2007 18:51

Make some noise at No10
Put your mouse where your mouth is!!

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Family of Paul Coker React to CPS decision not to Prosecute Police Officers

16-11-2007 18:46

Paul Coker (victim of the system)
Thursday, November 15, 2007
By the family of Paul Coker

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Remember Genoa (Guardian artilce today)

16-11-2007 15:15

The following article was posted on The Guardian's 'Comment is Free' site.


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Public meeting: Stand up for your freedom to protest! LSE, 2nd December

16-11-2007 11:43

Gordon Brown plans to extend the restrictions on demonstrations near parliament to cover the whole country, claiming that this will simplify the work of the police. The current law totally bans spontaneous protests, requiring advance police permission, which allows the police to impose arbitrary limits on numbers and effectively act as political censors. The consultation proposes extending these rules to any protest anywhere, in the name of 'harmonisation'. The freedom to protest was won through hard struggle and if we want to keep it we must take a stand to say enough is enough. Come to a public meeting to plan a public response: we propose early January.

Public meeting
LSE room H102, Connaught House
2-4pm, Sunday 2nd December

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One Struggle - One Fight - Berlin Demo 8 December & Call for Action

16-11-2007 09:49

We call on everybody to join the demonstration in Berlin on the 8th of December - almost one year after the “final battle“ in Copenhagen - in order to destroy together the winter lethargy of investors, yuppies and cityplanners and to show clearly and unequivocally our rage against the current situation ….

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Make Deportations Impossible!

16-11-2007 00:10

Demonstration for the Right to Stay in Frankenburg, Upper Austria, Oct 6, 2007
Currently in Austria the number of deportations is increasing. The forced deportations of "well-integrated" families has provoked particular outrage. More and more frequently people are pulled out of their beds in the early morning, brought to deportation jails, and are kicked out of the country in the course of mass deportations by charter flights. In this way numerous people are deported, although entire towns demand their right to stay.