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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Picket action in Vancouver for John Graham, indigenous prisoner of war

27-06-2008 22:34

On June 26, 2008, the one year anniversary of indigenous warrior John Graham's imprisonment in Vancouver and the 33 year anniversary of the Incident at Oglala, about 20 people, Native and non-Native, picketed and gave out leaflets in solidarity outside of the Ocean Plaza office tower in downtown Vancouver where, at least until recently, the Cash Minerals uranium mining company had its operations office.

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Nationwide Call-in for Justice in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

27-06-2008 18:45

Uhuru Movement protests the killing by police of 17-year-old Javon Dawson
The Justice for Javon Dawson Committee is calling on all honest and freedom-loving people to support the demands for justice and reparations in the St. Petersburg police murder of this 17-year-old African who was attending a high school graduation party and unarmed when he was shot twice in the back and killed. (read full story:

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Cameron and David Davis come out in support of strike breaking

27-06-2008 16:46

On June 23, the Sun newspaper ran a column by Associate Editor Trevor Kavanagh, “Tories must break strikes or strikes will break them.”

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'the battle of tolmers square' (the movie) and The Future Of Bowl Court

26-06-2008 16:51


8PM @ Bowl Court
[[ 'the battle of tolmers square' and discussion ]]

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Aldershot Westgate Scandal

26-06-2008 14:51

artist's impression of proposed Westgate development
In Washington it was Watergate that did for them, in Aldershot it's Westgate.

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[IT] New law grants amnesty for police violence at the 2001 G8 Summit

26-06-2008 14:25

Press Release June 25th 2008

- “Race against time”: Court rule against the police in July is now in question
- Protests in Italy and Berlin

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Demo at Communications House on 1 July

26-06-2008 13:31


Show solidarity with protesters at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre and with all asylum seekers and immigrants

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Day of Solidarity with Austrian animal rights prisoners

26-06-2008 10:51

2nd of July 2008 - Please join the International Day of Solidarity

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Tony Gosling arrested in missing persons hunt

26-06-2008 08:16

Tuesday 24th June approx. 1400 Tony Gosling and fiancee were stopped in their vehicle on the M32 motorway in Bristol by ten police officers under the authority of the Northumbria Police Major Incident Unit.

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Zimbabwe: Tragedy & Hope

26-06-2008 00:08

including a history of Zimbabwe

Zanu PF's hold on power, necessarily steadfast because of their foremost role in the independence struggle, subsequently led to their own concentration of political power. The brutal represssion of the MDC opposition over the last couple of months has led to near universal condemnation. The western media has neglected to mention that there has also been violence from the MDC (under extreme provocation - this is after all a class war between Zanu PF's black bourgeois, their tribal support base and the military versus the trade union working class/impoverished middle class and rural poor of the MDC). Meanwhile doubts continue to surface as to the MDC's privatisation agenda.

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Mugabe: A legal remedy for the removal of a tyrant

25-06-2008 21:19

Why Britain might have the legal right to invade Zimbabwe and why it probably won't

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Zimbabwe: The Country That Never Was

25-06-2008 19:34

Young Abahlali baseMjondolo activist Fanuel Nsingo reflects on his recent trip to his home town in Zimbabwe.

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represion in guatemala

25-06-2008 16:16

attack and deth threats against H.I.J.O.S.

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Human Rights Scandal in Austria

25-06-2008 14:16

Non-governmental organisations express concern about what may be a case of state repression of social activism

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LINDELA (the winnie suite)

25-06-2008 07:21

The ANC Women's League has shares in the notorious Lindela detention centre for illegal immigrants. Dominique Malaquais, who translated Winnie Mandela's autobiography into French, responds....

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police violence G8 Genova 2001

25-06-2008 03:25

police violence G8 Genova 2001

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Aung San Suu Kyi Birthday Protest

24-06-2008 21:19

Burma Embassy
The Burmese community and Burma Campaign UK marked Burma's democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi 63rd birthday with a protest at the Burma Embassy in London. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown later met a delegation of young women from 5 of Burma’s main ethnic nationalities, Burman, Kachin, Karen, Karenni, and Chin, demonstrating the unity of the people of Burma in their struggle against dictatorship.

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ROG FACTORY / European Social Center's meeting report tonight at Bowl Court >>>

24-06-2008 17:25

7PM @ Bowl Court
[[An informal report and discussion on the Rog Social Centre in Ljubljana]]

European Social Center's meeting report tonight at Bowl Court >>>
ROG, 20-21-22 June
More information at:


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Law-lord ruling to free Sean Kirtley? NETCU on the run

24-06-2008 12:41

Law Lords have ruled that it is illegal to have anonymous witnesses. A key component of the Sequani trial was the use of annoymous witnesses.