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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Mayday 2005 Video: Train to Hackney

03-05-2005 16:34

Videoclip taken from inside the train to Hackney central, quite surreally packed full with both police and protestors.

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smashing dates at EDO

03-05-2005 15:41

With the growth of the campaign fueled by the futile and costly blunder to quash peaceful protest there will be ever larger demos and rallies. Come and help put the arms dealers out of Brighton and out of business.

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Picket Of Armley Jail

03-05-2005 15:30

Saturday May 7th

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Direct action defies fascist ASBOs in Derby

03-05-2005 15:27

The pigs have introduced Section 30 fascist anti-freedom orders, also known as area ASBOs, in various areas of Derby. None of these are "problem" areas in the usual sense; most are middle-class suburbs and satellite towns whose only "anti-social" problem is an infestation of whining bigots. In one area, local activists have carried out mass stickering to expose and attack the evil laws.

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Mayday 2005 Video: Highbury and Islington Station

03-05-2005 14:14

Videoclip showing visible aggrevation between police and protestors following an arrest made at Highbury and Islington station.

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03-05-2005 12:58

A family planning campaign that looks benign is marred by allegations of forced sterilisation on a wide scale.

By Malik Boboev, Galima Bukharbaeva and Yusuf Rasulov in Andijan and Tashkent.

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Mayday 2005 Photos: Train, Supermarket & Bubble

03-05-2005 09:50

Police build up at Highbury and Islington station
Some further pictures of Mayday 2005 @ Tesco.

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Bil'in and Homesh: A Tale of Two Demonstrations-

03-05-2005 05:35

Last Friday, two demonstrations were held in the occupied West Bank , just a few dozen kilometers apart. The shocking difference between the ways the two demonstrations were treated provides food for thought. An Israeli activist reports.

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Traveller forum audio from the 27th April 2005, Cambridge

02-05-2005 18:11

Voices from the Smithy Fen community.

9 mins edited audio and short report from the traveller forum on the 27th April 2005, Cambridge.

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Smash EDO Mass Demo This Weds 4-6

02-05-2005 15:56

Smash EDO Mass Demo This Tues 4-6

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See fascist police state tactics in Action

02-05-2005 15:31

This video shows the Police in riot gear as they STRANGLE completely peaceful protestors.

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Downing street and Whitehall blockaded by refugees holding a 'Die In'.

02-05-2005 15:17

We're here!
Today over 200 human rights campaigners (most of them Sudanese refugees) blockaded Downing Street and part of Whitehall to protest over government inaction over the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. Many of the demonstraters carried the names of some of the estimated 300,000 people that have been murdered during the ethnic cleansing or have died as a result of it. 3,000 people are dying in the region every week, thats 52 9/11s every year!

The Police were taken completely by surprise by the action and had no choice but to let it go ahead. They were outnumbered by about 20-1. There were no arrests.

The international community could easily act to stop what is a totally preventable trajedy of biblical proportions. This would cost a fraction of the money spent murdering 100,000 civilians in Iraq. But there is no oil in Darfur is there?

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after mayday

02-05-2005 12:31


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Israeli terrorist organization behind harassment of IndyMedia

02-05-2005 01:49

Article about Andrew Aaron Weisburd of Internet Haganah: Cyber Terrorist

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Pictures of the London Mayday PRECARITY action.

02-05-2005 00:17

After a brief but meaningful visit to TESCOs in Hackney, a few hundred like minded individuals were herded onto the pavement outside the store and held in the sunshine for about one hour and a half. The arrests and aggressive behaviour by the Police were met by an equal amount of determination/dignity/solidarity by the protesters inside and outside of the cordon.
The demo was moved to London Fields were the party continued with the aid of the samba band.
There was more Police aggression resulting in more arrests and solidarity/resistance. Eventually the cops withdrew after an afternoon of unecessary provocation and bullying.
WELL DONE to everyone who turned out to protest, create, party and defy the intimidation.

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Glasgow Mayday RTS Pics

01-05-2005 17:47

pics from mayday's reclaim the streets in glasgow

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Police violence in the park - photos from London Mayday

01-05-2005 17:16

Police used mayday as an excuse to act like bullies and thugs, but this time they kicked off in a park full of kids and families enjoying the glorious warm weather.

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mayday festival

01-05-2005 13:03

the Mayday festival has been intimidated by cops

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Zionist Hate Mail Never Ceases To Amaze Me

01-05-2005 05:15

For a clear picture, visit VanIndy, and check out the volumous posts by "Morley Harper", MyJoy13", and the many other aliases used by Zionists there, as they worked to bring the site down.

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Documents show Bliar's secret plans for war

01-05-2005 05:14

Please share this with anyone you know who plans on voting. (And keep a close eye on Exit Polling!!)