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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Hutton Inquiry : ACT NOW !

03-02-2004 09:18

This Wednesday Parliament will be debating the Hutton Inquiry. I urge you to contact your MP by fax at to call for a FULL and OPEN independent inquiry.

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Detention centre asylum demo target

03-02-2004 02:55

Informative Big Issue article about asylum seekers and the Saturday's demo (before it happened.)

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Doubts about Hutton's role as Coroner's Inquest

02-02-2004 19:45

A clear need exists to scrutinise more closely Dr Hunt's conclusions as to the cause of death.

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Bridge Activist Arrested...Again!

02-02-2004 16:02

The protester who was charged with 'Causing a Public Nuisance' after hanging a banner at Cambridge railway station in the run-up to the George Bush visit in November of last year has been re-arrested and charged under section 5(1)(a) of the Public Order Act 1986.

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China Labour Action Express No. 41

02-02-2004 15:44

Selected Summaries of Chinese Workers' Protests in December 2003

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Open Meeting To Set Up A London Anarchist Youth Network

02-02-2004 15:04

Thursday 26th Feb. 5pm, Freedom Bookshop, Whitechapel High St, E1 7QX. Nearest underground station: Aldgate East. (Leave Aldagte East station at the Whitechapel Art Gallery exit and it's in Angle Alley directly to the right of you.)

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Building a safe, just and tolerant society

01-02-2004 20:38

Notice for visitors outside Lindholme.

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A Field Guide to Hasbara ( Propaganda) from the WUJS

31-01-2004 17:31

This should actually be atributed to a union of Zionists, since this is yet another example of the Zionists' willingness to hide behind and manipulate the Jewish community to further their own ideological and political interests.

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Big Noise demo timeline

31-01-2004 14:07

A short timeline from reports phoned into Sheffield Indymedia. For background see Noise Demo - Lindholme Detention Centre.

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Big Brother meets in London! Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Forum.

31-01-2004 04:06

Heads up!! Call to action!!! Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Forum coming your way this June 24th at the Renaissance Hotel. Somebody should organize around this issue (we would ourselves if we weren't in the U.S.)

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'Shanty Town' Demo outside the UNHCR 12.00- 16.00

30-01-2004 21:11

The UNHCR is supposed to look after refguees welfare, but it has always been subject to it's members often illogical and racist policy on refugees. Today there was a demo by oraganised by the Global Womens Strike, outside the UNHCR building in Millbank, Central London.

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Asylum Rights Demo - Parliament -1100 a.m. Friday

30-01-2004 21:00

Today, as part of the european-wide asylum rights series of 42 demonstrations, congolese, rythums of ristence made a big noise outside parliament.

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Hutton Report A Threat To Press Freedom

30-01-2004 20:56

Critics of the one-sided Hutton Report charge it may have a chilling effect on freedom of the press.

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Scott Ritter: 'The public must look to what is missing from the report'

30-01-2004 19:10

An analysis of the Hutton report in light of other current events.

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Seven Sisters hunger strike, Day 40

30-01-2004 16:52

A brief update on the 40th day of the hunger strike at Seven Sisters

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Students lobby against top-up fees

30-01-2004 12:12

Hundreds of students attended a lobby of parliament against the New Labour Governments proposed top-up fees. A peaceful sit-down protest was broken up by police who were uneccessarily heavy handed.
Your comments and feedback on these pix are very welcome.

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Asahi Glass Protest latest - arrests and injunctions issued

30-01-2004 12:05

Man arrested for using megaphone as plain clothes police refuse to show warrant cards and photograph and harass peaceful protesters. Bailiffs issue injunctions on behalf of Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers Limited.

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Slavoj Zizek Speaks at Amnesty Lectures

29-01-2004 23:28

Slavoj Zizek, a leading philosopher and theorist, came to speak at the Oxford Amnesty lecctures on the theme of Asylum, Migration and Displacement.

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American women soldiers returning from Iraq report rape by comrades-in-arms

29-01-2004 22:57

An article from the US newspaper Denver Post reports cases of US women soldiers being sexually assaulted by males in their own army. (And a thought of my own: if GI Janes are being raped, what are the "liberators" doing to Iraqi women?)