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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Blair Terror Bill is an attack on all civil rights, not just on Muslims

09-11-2005 14:00

ALL people INCLUDING Muslim youths would be deprived of rights if the Blair Bill was not stopped. That there has been no evidence produecd in any court of law that ANY independent religious group had been responsible, for any excuse that Blair Terror was based on.

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Arafat Death Still a Mystery

09-11-2005 09:46

1st yr anniversary of Arafat death still has Palestinians wondering

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These Photos of Niger Uranium Forgeries Blow Libby, War Case Wide Open!

09-11-2005 05:04

Put the words NIGER FORGERIES and these photocopies (below) into the consciousness of Mr. and Mrs. America, and it could change the course of history. These 4 graphics are worth 4 million words. These are the cause/excuse for the Iraq war. They are not real (they are forgeries), but they are a REAL threat to the nation's existence! Why? Because they came from foreign sources. FOREIGN AGENTS HAVE BEEN DRIVING US POLICY. That is a bigger threat to America than knocking down the WTC, which "only" killed 0.014% of one metropolitan area. (Reminder: Bin Laden still is at large.) The $64-Million Questions: WHAT FOREIGNERS Made the Forgeries? WHAT AMERICANS SOLD OUT AMERICA by Using the Forgeries?

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Federation of Teddy Protestors storm Parliament

08-11-2005 23:50

Federation of Teddy Protesters assemble
On the Sunday 6th November the Federation of Teddy Protestors (FTP) staged a protest picnic in Parliament Square in support of their furless friends the Parliament Square Picnickers. The picnic was attended by Teddy affinity groups from across Europe including the Pooh Crew and the Soft Toy Solidarity Movement. All groups are committed to freedom of speech and freedom assembly and agree that the best way to defy the draconian SCOPA (2005) legislation is through direct action. Not content with 'fluffy' protests, a proposal to storm parliament and reclaim the commons was agreed an acted on.

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Rapist Comes to brum

08-11-2005 19:30

Rapist in town

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Let's welcome Tyson to Manchester

08-11-2005 19:27

Violent rapist comes to Old Trafford

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Beyond Good and Evil: The Dichotomization of Politics and Our Own Minds

08-11-2005 17:31

Let us reject the dangerous, false dichotomies with which our corrupt “leaders” are attempting to pollute—by limiting—our minds, our thoughts and our speech. Let us, then, reject en masse the polluting politicians themselves—at the ballot box or in the streets—and demand, and actively engage in, true democracies built upon solid foundations of truth, mutual respect, liberty and law.

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Rushmoor councillors guilty!

08-11-2005 16:30

Three Rushmoor councillors – Sue Dibble, Charlie Fraser-Flemming and Roger Kimber – have been found guilty by the Standards Board of influencing a planning decision where they had a clear prejudicial interest.

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Prime Minister Guilty of Sedition

08-11-2005 12:07

Conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights
Wanda Fish calls on constitutional and civil libertarian lawyers to mount a case against Federal and State Governments for conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights with the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005. These proposed laws break internationally recognised treaties on human rights, overturn the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence, and seriously threaten free speech and protest.

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Man shot by police in fishing raids

08-11-2005 11:46

Police investigate themselves
But there is no such thing as an independent investigation team in NSW because police investigate themselves and cannot be relied upon ever.

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French Youth demands - The Left and Right Unite to Crush the Poor AGAIN!

07-11-2005 23:24

EU must withdraw from WTO and develop closer ties with Arab countries;
EU must formally state that the USA must withdraw from IRaq and all military bases in the region;
redirect economy and budgets away from war and weapons production and BUILD INSTEAD a Europe and a region open to all and pursuing social equity and social harmony as equals.

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Support the French Rioters!

07-11-2005 22:39

Demonstration - Thursday 10 November, 3pm at the French emabssey in London, in support of the French rioters, and against the crackdown on French youth by the state and the police.

Be there

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The impartiality of BBC is threaten by David and Goliath Review

07-11-2005 18:41

The BBC is finally crumbling under the relentless pressure of the Israeli propaganda machine. It has been coerced into a review of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. How can the occupied people of Palestine be fairly represented ?, please help redress this imbalance and take action for the freedom of the press, the BBC and the people of Palestine.

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Sham Ombudsman exposed by Ombudsmanwatch

07-11-2005 12:19

Ombudsmanwatch exposes bias and corruption of Local Government Ombudsman, who rules in favour of just 1.6% of complaints with average compensation only £200, with no appeal. Consumer group Ombudsmanwatch battles to expose the truth, and force the abolition of LGO and setting up of a truly independent and accountable body.

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Art of War : NeoCon America

07-11-2005 04:53

NeoCon America
Neocon America

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Police State Not Enough - Army On Its Way

06-11-2005 23:14

Easier to militarise the streets
Although the changes are being wheeled as part of the preparation to protect us from a terrorist attack - when you look at what Hill actually says its clear that the Government is trying to make it easier to militarise the streets not just in the event of terrorism but also for protests.

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Kissinger's Kiss n' Tell - Codename: "Meet Andy in Paris"

06-11-2005 22:24

Newly released State Department Documents have revealed a surprising fact about what Kissinger got up to in Paris in 1972 with Nixon's approval.

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An ID card for a monkey?

06-11-2005 15:48


The Sunday Times today carries an article which claims that Identity Cards are likely to cost a monkey (£500) each, with a total cost of £30bn.

The projected costs are detailed in a recent report compiled by the London School of Economics, which has raised its May estimate of £300 per card to take into account the the cost of integrating the scheme’s computers with government databases.

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British Soldiers' families unite with Iraqi & Irish families to condemn Impunity

06-11-2005 13:46

As former Scots Guards Colonel and Human Rights abuser Tim Spicer, whose Aegis mercenary company is the subject of much controversy in Iraq, attends a conference at RUSI in Westminster, families of British Soldiers, of Irish Citizens murdered by British Soldiers, and representatives of Iraqi families murdered by British soldiers unite with a cross-party group of MPs and human rights lobbyists to call for an end to Impunity for human rights abusers.