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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Report on HMP Forest Bank demo, Sat 23rd Oct

26-10-2004 15:24

Report on Saturday's demonstration at HMP Forest Bank, Salford

No Borders/No one is illegal

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Waverley housing privatisation propaganda

26-10-2004 14:28

Waverley council is pushing a pro-privatisation agenda for its council housing stock under the guise of advising the tenants of the options. Waverley chief executive claims their pro-privatisation propaganda is 'fair and balanced' because it 'has been scrutinised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster'!

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Update on repression in Italy

26-10-2004 12:48

News on anarchists arrested after houseraids and, according to the Italian State, responsible for several bombings:

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Dissenting Voices: from the Edinburgh Dissent! Gathering in September

26-10-2004 12:16

New audio documentary from IMC Éire. 47 minutes, 128Kbps high quality MP3 audio. 44 Mb download.

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Iraq's Child Prisoners

26-10-2004 10:28

A Sunday Herald investigation has discovered that coalition forces are holding more than 100 children in jails such as Abu Ghraib. Witnesses claim that the detainees – some as young as 10 – are also being subjected to rape and torture
By Neil Mackay

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eviction alert borehamwood

26-10-2004 09:51

received this email this morning

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The CIA know what islamic terrorism "really is"

25-10-2004 21:10

"They [roots of terrorism] include the closed economic and political systems in much of the Muslim world that deny many young adults the opportunity to build better lives for themselves and, often, the political representation to voice their grievances peacefully over the lack of such opportunity."

Rare bit of intel, says it all, doesn't it? The CIA/American-government know what they're doing - decieving you idots into thinking its about wacko religious freakazoids

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ESF: A Tale of Two Plenary Disruptions - What's Going On with the SWP?

25-10-2004 18:05

So this is ok?
An evening plenary at the ESF gets closed down completely amid violent scenes and the SWP slightly criticise those responsible while blaming someone else. The next day an evening plenary get peacefully disrupted for 30 minutes and the SWP go mad on the recriminations.

Confused? Read on.....

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Campaign to learn from

25-10-2004 11:35

The most powerful campaign group in the UK?

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ESF Arrest Pictures from Backstage at Rally (17th oct)

25-10-2004 11:23

Pictures of the arrest of one of the people from the esf organising committee backstage at the rally in Traf Sq at the end of the ESF demonstration.

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US casinos promised tax breaks - The poor get 50p rise

25-10-2004 08:32

The ever ugly face of greed driven New Labor, How Blair worships the rich,
and trahes the poor

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Fairford Coaches at Court of Appeal - Photos of 14 October 2004

24-10-2004 16:01

See below several photos of the support demo outside the courts on the first day of the Fairford Coaches hearing at the Court of Appeal. If the police were willing to post the photos on Indymedia which THEY took at the demo, there would be plenty of sharp close up photos of all of our faces. Since there is no such arrangement, enjoy these photos! For photos of the second day of the hearing see-

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Blunkett legislates to silence lone protester at Westminster

24-10-2004 15:48

His home is a roll of green plastic sheeting, his possessions no more than necessary to make coffee, keep warm and roll the occasional cigarette.
Approaching his fourth winter on Parliament Green, few passers-by even notice Brian Haw and his collection of anti-war poster. But Blunkett wants to legislate to silence him.

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Call for Witnesses to Naseh Ghafor – Road Blockade

24-10-2004 10:25

At least 5 Kurdish people have been arrested and charged with violent disorder and criminal damage arising from the incident with the bus on Spital Hill during the vigil for Naseh Ghafor's hunger strike. The incident happened around 7pm on Tuesday 17th August. Two English people are due to be charged soon. The Kurds are due to appear at Sheffield Magistrates Court on Tuesday 26 October. Amazingly the bus driver who started it all is not being charged !

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Storming the Palace

23-10-2004 22:17

About 200 people storm the European Social Forum on Saturday October 16th 2004...

There's two versions of the same video - if you have the connection the MP4 is much better...

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Police intercept covert GM action

23-10-2004 20:25

What follows is a cautionary tale for all involved in covert direct action. Although the story is several weeks old, it hasn't previously been covered on indymedia and was the most worrying and comprehensive police interception those involved had ever experienced.. It also shows how many people are still taking (or trying to take) large scale action against GM.

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Song of Guantanamo Base

23-10-2004 19:03

in our bright red overalls...
a poem/song aimed at becoming a collective song, anyone may contribute by adding another stanza anywhere in the poem, the only requirement being that it matches its rhythm, ie metrical and rhyming pattern.

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23-10-2004 15:02

Some Dutch (and British) also claim and use 'License to Kill' : but it simply does not make sense at all - unless many of the killings, the torture, the kidnappings and bombings, are designed to foment chaos and portray all resistance as 'murderous nihilists and cold-blooded criminals'.