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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Foreign Office Blockade video

09-09-2006 04:59

The small resolution video of the Foreign Office Blockade on 21-08-06.

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Israeli right-wing party threatens Brazilian cartoonist

09-09-2006 02:09

Print screen of Likud's page
Just a tiny example how the IsraHell' dirty tactics work.

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Sack Parliament! Benefit Gig 16th Sept rampART

08-09-2006 22:54

Benefit night for the October 9th Sack Parliament actions featuring Rass Smallmoney (conscious hip-hop), boogie knight, Stuart P (Hit or Miss), Sarah Bear & Josh (Sunday Sounds), Mad Scientist (Burning Spear), El Crisis (reggae), Excentral Tempest and Vendetta (Fun-Da-Mental).

Saturday 16th September 8pm til 1:30am. Donations welcome.
rampART, 15-17 Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA

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12 Deaths in Immigration Custody

08-09-2006 17:27

NCADC has obtained the information below under the Freedom of Information Act.

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08-09-2006 14:37

COALITION AGAINST THE WELFARE REFORM BILL (CAWRB) Demo/Lobby In Manchester on Monday 25th September 2006

Gather at 3pm in Exchange Square, opposite the Arndale Centre on Corporation St (¼mile to Victoria Stn, 1mile to Piccadilly and coach stns). The stroll and roll joins the protest outside the Labour Party Conference at the G-MEX centre on Lower Mosley St. The protest will be from 3pm so join us there if you can’t do the march.

Campaigners can meet you at either the bus or train stations. If you
have booked transport, there is a safe drop off point arranged with the

Please get in touch and read below for more information:

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Children Calling Yarl's Wood IRC 'Home'

08-09-2006 14:20

The Bikounga family
Children calling Yarl's Wood IRC 'home' - Are Britain's Youngest Prisoners becoming Institutionalized?

When children behind the wire start to call Yarl's Wood IRC 'home' it clearly shows that their perception of living in Yarl's Wood, is that they have lived there a long time.

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Justice & Liberty Network

08-09-2006 14:09

A new network founded to protect citizens legal rights and civil liberties.

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Greg Palast faces Homeland Security charges & PAUL KRUGMAN ' S latest

08-09-2006 13:06

- Krugman: More On Inequality

- PLUS: Reporter Greg Palast faces Homeland Security charges and more

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OutRage! (and HRW)- Uganda-45 gays 'outed in witch-hunt-arrests follow

08-09-2006 12:44

Gay rights group OutRage! exposes the 'outing' of 45 gays by a Ugandan newspaper (Red Pepper) in a witch-hunt against lgbt people. arrests have followed.
Human Rights Watch (USA) have also condemned the Ugandan authrities and newspaper.

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The Pits of Humanity!

08-09-2006 10:44

You ain't seen nothin' yet...

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08-09-2006 05:29

Unexpected upgraded death sentences
A look at the reasoning behind the unexpected upgraded death sentences for Matthew Norman (19yrs) the death sentence Scott Rush (20yrs),Tach Duc Thanh Nguyen (27yrs) and Si Yi Chen (20yrs)

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SOCPA - latest news on barbara tucker and steve jago

07-09-2006 23:21

chief inspector robinson and superintendent terry
when barbara attended charing cross police station on bail, she had no idea she would be held for 24 hours, and obstructed from getting legal representation. her witness friend steve jago, ended up in cells after being violently assaulted. the men behind the continual harrassment of peaceful anti-war protestors, chief inspector robinson and superintendent terry, have recently stopped attempting to use socpa legislation and instead bring ever more bizarre charges against their victims.

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As CIA Detainees Transferred to Guantanamo, President Bush Acknowledges Secret P

07-09-2006 21:31

Alternative procedures to force some prisoners to talk
President Bush has acknowledged for the first time the CIA has been operating a secret network of overseas prisons. Bush made the admission as he ordered 14 prisoners previously held by the CIA to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay where they could be tried by a military tribunal. Bush said the CIA is no longer holding any detainees but that the secret prisons may be re-opened. We get analysis from Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Barbara Olshansky.

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SOCPA - report on tuesday's brian haw adjournment hearing

07-09-2006 19:19

inspector robinson and superintendent terry
brian haw appeared at marylebone magistrates court on tuesday afternoon to ask for an adjournment of his socpa trial while a judicial review investigates the lawfulness of police actions. the end of the hearing descended into farce as superintendent terry ran from the court and called for two units of back-up after brian accused him publicly of his involvement in harrasment and intimidation of an innocent woman.

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45 gays outed in Uganda witch-hunt

07-09-2006 16:46

The Ugandan tabloid newspaper, Red Pepper, has outed 45 gay and bisexual men, including army officers, priests, university lecturers, entertainers, bankers, students and lawyers. It also published details of five venues popular with gays and lesbians.

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22 Iraqi Kurds detained today

07-09-2006 16:23

Today, 22 Iraqi Kurds were detained at mainly reporting centres across the UK with plans to forcibly deport them next week to Northern Iraq in another high profile, media event. This follows the forced deportation two days ago of 32 Iraqi Kurds. The government is clearly now going for it big style on mass deportations.

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University of Oxford publication on Palestinian displacement

07-09-2006 10:53

The September 2006 issue of the in-house magazine of the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre includes a major feature on Palestinian displacement.

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25th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights – Behatokia

07-09-2006 09:55

The latest Basque Observatory for Human Rights - Behatokia Bulletin, is available on our web page,, or, to directly download it in compressed format:

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Pentagon report on Iraq reveals a deepening catastrophe

07-09-2006 07:14

Communal catastrophe
US imperialism, however, has no solution to the communal catastrophe it has created. Instead, the Bush administration and American media are using the Pentagon report to justify preparations for stepped-up operations by the US military and the Iraqi government forces against the Sadrist movement and its Mahdi Army militia.

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Phoney Bliar Faces Revolt, The Plan To Let Him Off Easy

07-09-2006 06:13

Do not allow this War Criminal, this traitor to Britain, to cruise off into the sunset as if nothing's happened. He must be held to account for his crimes.

Distribute leaflets to keep the public mind fresh, and counter the Propaganda. Public art projects, to discredit the Propaganda, and those who spread it.

Direct action and NOISE at any planned "Praise Blair" events.