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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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UN: Israel intentionally bombs UN post in Lebanon Killing 4

26-07-2006 08:33

According to the UN's Secretary general Kofi Annan: ''The UNIFIL post was deliberately destroyed with the human beings in and around it, I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defense Forces of a U.N. Observer post in southern Lebanon."

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The aim of the massacre: To crush any resistance

26-07-2006 04:44

The basic aim of the Zionist massacre, having been given the green light from the transnational elite, is to crush any resistance to the New World Order (NWO).

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‘Peace is a way of traveling. It is both a destination and a path’. Compare Rice

26-07-2006 03:59

Compare Rice/Howard blind Israel policy
I have a sign which reads:"Peace is a way of travelling. It is both a destination and a path." obtained from a NSW based Phoenician, read Lebanese Australian, a seafaring trader people, whose family has been here for generations, Franklin Scarf of Earth Repair Foundation with a logo gun transforming to a tree as here. It's the kind of message we need not more military madness:

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Fascism in Sydney courts

26-07-2006 00:13

D for DEMOCRACY DAY shattered all illusions of JUSTICE IN AUSTRALIA

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Judges weigh 'Joseph Thomas's' appeal! Get your facts right!

25-07-2006 23:40

What would she have imposed for stealing a passport?
For buying a plane ticket and changing the date on his passport to get back home? What would she have imposed for stealing a passport?

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JVs & UAVs - top Israeli military targets in UK

25-07-2006 22:46

An Israeli UAV & company with a paint job
'British military exports to Israel were worth £23 million last year and licences for £2 million of arms exports were granted between January and March this year.' [1]

I don't know the official military imports but it will be equally underestimated. The true figure of military imports and exports are obscured by 'Joint Ventures' between Israeli and EU companies. In every market and region Joint Ventures, often referred to as JVs, are used to avoid domestic import/export regulations and laws. They are also used to transfer technologies to foreign nations as part of geopolitical deals. When ordered by the US, Britain exported F-16 HUD technology to Israel but the use of a joint venture would have made avoided the embarrassment of that public British u-turn.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the drones that Israel uses for assassinations, reconnaisance, artillery-targetting, surveillance and so on. They range from souped up Model aircraft with missiles to remotely-controlled full-size aircraft carrying large payloads. They are the 'Aerial Hunter/Killers' of the Terminator movies. It is standard modern battlefield kit for most armies, but the Israelis have a whole battle-proven fleet and lead most nations technologically.

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An attack on democratic rights: New Zealand man jailed for sedition

25-07-2006 22:03

Sweeping attacks on civil liberties
In New Zealand as elsewhere, the threat of “terrorism” is being used to enact and enforce laws that establish the basis for sweeping attacks on civil liberties. The application of the charge of sedition to a protest stunt of this nature is a warning of the preparations that are being made to deal with the emergence of widespread resistance among ordinary working people to the accelerating onslaught on living standards, working conditions and basic rights.

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Nicky Cruz/TRUCE Gig "Un-Banned" At Police Insistence

25-07-2006 21:27

Gigs at the Hackney Ocean by a gangster turned evangelist homophobe had apparently been cancelled folowing a local outcry (see the Hackney Gazette website)

Now local police are saying these reports were "premature" and the events may be back on.....

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film of yesterday's SOCPA arrest and assault

25-07-2006 13:46

despite an unidentified police officer trying to stop me filming, here is footage of the assault yesterday outside downing street. highlighted once more is the continuing metropolitan police policy of violence against people who's only crime is holding a placard peacefully. an officer also ignore repeated requests to identify herself.

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RESISTANCE (July/Aug 2006) - anarchist bulletin from AF (Britain)

25-07-2006 12:05

Resistance 86 front cover (4 pages total)
THE ANARCHIST FEDERATION'S agitational bulletin Resistance no.86 is out.
IN THIS ISSUE: Trade union strikes, John Reid new Home Secretary, Armchair cops, Left-wing in South America, Russia G8, ASDA depot action, Jerry Springer Opera, General Strike 1926, plus the usual activist's events diary, industrial frontline news. Read too PDF:

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UK Identity Card scheme - really finished? Let's make sure.

25-07-2006 11:31

Labour's ID scheme is supposedly on the rocks, but let’s not be overly comforted by this news. There are good reasons to continue to build up the pressure. In particular, passport developments in the UK Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and the European Union could result in alternative identity databases, and since the Act is on the statute books, compulsory ID could start at any future date.

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CIA/Plame/Robert Ellman Spied on Iran Nukes, Ellmann Recants

25-07-2006 06:34

The other foot has dropped. Former CIA officer Jean Edwards has her resume -- including stints at the CIA and Valerie Plame's Brewster Jennings -- published on, and purported whistleblower Wayne Madsen writes a column (last week) saying the resume was a forgery. Now, comes lawyer Robert Ellmann, whose resume also appeared on, with his own version of cover. Ellmann says he had a friend post it on the Internet as hoax!

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Attorney General Ruddock is Oddball over anti-terrorist laws!

25-07-2006 04:51

Hi I'm A Terrorist! Can You Help Me?
Attorney General Ruddock attacks different laws.

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SOCPA - a stench of lies and corruption from the met and charing cross

25-07-2006 01:07

i went to cover the gently amusing 'multiple lone demonstrations' (15 of them) organised by mark thomas in parliament square this evening (, but one story or action after another left me disgusted by the end of the evening.

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SOCPA - mark thomas' lone demonstration with 14 others

24-07-2006 23:35

radical comedy activist mark thomas and the others notified charing cross last week of their intention to hold a range of individual demonstrations requiring authorisation to be held this evening at 5.30 in parliament square. charing cross photocopier worked overtime to process most of the applications and tie up the met in bureaucratic bollocks.

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7 arested in yesterdays action in front of detention center Postojna

24-07-2006 18:00

Yesterdays action in front of deportation center in Postojna (Slovenia) was stopped by serious police repression action. About 150 No Borde camp activists from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Spain came to Postojna with demand to close this illegal institutions where the police is taking as hostages people who commited no crime, but only becouse they dont have documents.

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24-07-2006 17:07


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OutRage!-Neo-Nazi's terrorise Riga (Latvia) gay Pride.

24-07-2006 15:34

Report on the 'banned' gay Pride Parade in Riga, latvia on Sat 22 July.

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1984 Screening @ Everything 4 Everyone

24-07-2006 14:13

This weeks E4e cinema screening at Everything4Everyone (also know as Dalston theatre), will be 1984, the film adapatation of the classic George Orwell novel.

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Scapegoats accused 'exploited' by guberment prostitutor

24-07-2006 07:49

No contact with human people
The rest of the prisoners had to stay in jail in AA maximum security segregted with no contact with human people in a box within a box with no fresh air or sunlight with the worst of the worst offenders.