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SOCPA - mark thomas' lone demonstration with 14 others

rikki | 24.07.2006 23:35 | Indymedia | Repression | London

radical comedy activist mark thomas and the others notified charing cross last week of their intention to hold a range of individual demonstrations requiring authorisation to be held this evening at 5.30 in parliament square. charing cross photocopier worked overtime to process most of the applications and tie up the met in bureaucratic bollocks.

the authorisations came through, and no conditions were imposed, so a motley crowd held various banners tonight.
demos were about:
the murder of jean charles de menezes,
for the adoption of contraction and convergence in government planning (green party),
against the deportation of the algerians who were acquitted of any charges but likely to be deported to a torture regime,
against the selling of peerages (and pro-nationalisation of peerage selling),
against israeli us/uk aggression,
for the cancellation of american debt, so that american kids can eat properly (mark thomas),
against sartorial discrimination (from a woman barred from entering parliament because her costume was not 'dignified' enough),
for the banning of february and its replacement by a better month,
highlighting how uk foreign policy creates forced migration, pro-human rights for apes (but not monkeys),
to re-open the investigation of 9/11,
demanding a public inquiry into 7/7,
calling for freedom for palestine,
against the proposal to bring in national identity cards

there were also two folk who had not applied for permission.
one was holding up a blank sheet of paper, the other had a large blank banner - they weren't protesting about anything.

mark thomas is calling for a re-run of this stunt, with many many more people - hoping for at least fifty and possibly hundreds.
if you'd like to take part then come to charing cross police station at 5.30pm on august 24th for the grand notification ceremony, or if you don't want a long wait, file your own notification that afternoon. the multiple demos themselves will be held in parliament square the following week on the 31st august.

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