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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Request from Climate Camp’s Legal Support Team

24-03-2009 00:12

At the last climate camp it was difficult to track down video footage for the lawyers/arrestees; the hope that a central database would come together did not come together as well as we would have liked.

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Tamil Diaspora Protest

23-03-2009 22:23

Tamil Diaspora Protest Picture
A picture of a protest by the Tamil Diaspora people

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G20 Nigel Rosser exposed

23-03-2009 18:00

Nigel Rosser, journalist
Nigel Rosser is a tabloid journalist who recycles Met police press releases as scare stories in the run up to major demonstrations. He has previously written stories about Mayday and Climate camp.

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Right to privacy broken by a quarter of UK’s public databases, says report

23-03-2009 15:16

A new report entitled Database State by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust shows just how far towards fascism the modern UK state is leaning. The so called ‘War on Terror’ has been used to introduce practices and laws that our forebears would have found utterly abhorrent (in fact our ancestors have won hard fought battles throughout history to ensure basic freedoms for all - Magna Carta anyone?). The excuses are always the same “It’s for your protection.” and “The innocent have nothing to fear.”

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We Stand with the Iranian Students - Solidarity Action

23-03-2009 13:04

We will be holding a demonstration outside of the students union and collecting letters to be sent to the Iranian Embassy calling for our comrades immediate release. We will also be collecting signatures for a petition against sanctions to be sent to the Foreign Office.

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London Critical Mass sound systems.

23-03-2009 07:47

The Critical Mass (CM) ride is often accompanied by cycle sound systems, which the police in the past have silenced in the vicinity of Parliament.

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Police too heavy handed says Parliamentary Committee.

23-03-2009 07:16

First the Law Lords came down on the side of Critical Mass and now a Parliamentary Committee is supporting public protesters against police. Whatever next!

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Join the BNP fund-raiser demo at Laindon

23-03-2009 01:55

Protest against the BNP

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Which values don′t you share?

22-03-2009 13:53

The Home Office's new counter-terrorism document called 'Contest Two' - to be published on Tuesday - will increase the focus on challenging individuals and groups who undermine the UK's "shared values" - even if they are not actually breaking any law.

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Getting arrested

22-03-2009 09:14

I was arrested yesturday under section 69 of the Crminal Justice Act for aggravated trespass

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Bush Yes, Galloway No - Canada bars George Galloway from entry

21-03-2009 21:26

Respect MP George Galloway has been barred from entering Canada to address a forum of Canada's Peace Movement. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration cites "national security concerns...

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wikid welsh vegetables?

21-03-2009 09:19

Internal bank memos about alleged tax avoidance were withdrawn from Guardian website after lawyers obtained emergency temporary injunction

BUT (hush hush) they ARE available on Wikileaks (

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The SOCPA zone: one year dead

20-03-2009 15:35

It's now a year since the government said they accepted that SOCPA s132-138 should be repealed, but still there is no bill before parliament which would repeal, and the government can only repeat that they aim to...

"My Lords, I absolutely believe in everyone’s right to protest within the law. That is exactly what we are aiming to do. We are intent on repealing this provision, which clearly was not a clever thing to have done in the first place."
- Lord West of Spithead

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London antidiscriminatory groups action at Lithuanian Embassy

20-03-2009 12:43

Antifascist groups targeted Lithuanian Embassy this morning (20.03.09) by dropping a banner and leaving posters on the entrance door.

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Dialect - Lifelines, writing letters to prisoners ... & dangers of flouridation

20-03-2009 01:06

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Saturdays 7 or 8PM. Sundays 7 or 8AM

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U.K. to monitor, store all social-network traffic?

19-03-2009 18:23

An article on CNET is reporting that: "The U.K. government is considering the mass surveillance and retention of all user communications on social-networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo."

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Borough Solicitor issues threatening letter over critical leaflet

19-03-2009 16:58

Borough Solicitor at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has got her knickers in a twist over a leaflet distributed in Farnborough highly critical of the council.

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Islamophobia and the Jailing of Hicham Yezza

19-03-2009 13:44

In May 2008 Hicham Yezza, an IT technician at the University of Nottingham, was arrested, together with student Rizwaan Sabir, in a well-publicised anti-terrorist swoop. They had downloaded al-Qaida material from the US Department of Defense website as part of Sabir's academic work on terrorism.

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Police are lying bastards (non news)

19-03-2009 11:59

As if to prove what lying self serving bastards the cops are, the assistant chief constable of Kent Police wrote the following letter which was published in the Guardian. In the face of this kind of blatant spin it is not hard to understand why trust in the police is at such a low ebb. It barely contains a single word of a truth...