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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Iraqi Civillian Fatalities - 37% are caused by US troops!

21-07-2005 11:01
The report that appeared yesterday on this site shows that 37% of Iraqi cvillian fatalities have been caused by US/UK coalition troops with 25,000 dying in the first 2 years of the conflict. Previous research published in the Lancet suggest things are even worse.

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Israeli settlers kill Palestinian child

20-07-2005 21:47

NABLUS, West Bank, July 20 (Reuters) - Jewish settlers stabbed a Palestinian boy to death in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Wednesday, witnesses said.

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20-07-2005 20:52

Send messages of protest to Coca-Cola on the 2nd anniversary og the international campaign against the multinational for their crimes in Colombia.

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How to avoid big brother

20-07-2005 20:48

We live in dangerous times... the world at war, a clash of civilisations er are told, the work of an evil ideology, axils of evil against, hating our freedom and seeking to undermine our values....

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Iraqi Body Count Poem

20-07-2005 13:11

I've just seen the figures on this site for the war in Iraq and stats just do me head in ! Human beings are what we are talking about here, pure flesh and blood, no more , no less !

Its heartbreaking and so wrong !



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I Live In Hope !

20-07-2005 12:30

Just something that I live in hope of seeing as I'm sure a lot of others do s well !



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AMARC Calls for Solidarity with Community and Independent Radios in Nepal

20-07-2005 12:19

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), called today for a global solidarity campaign in favour of freedom of expression and communication rights of the Community and independent Radio Stations of Nepal.

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Conclusion

19-07-2005 21:34

Conclusion of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi History for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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An Iraqi powderkeg

19-07-2005 14:51

Over the past two years, in joint US-Iraqi military raids, hundreds of Iraqi Turkoman and Arabs have been taken from their homes or seized from the streets of Kirkuk and secretly sent to prisons in Kurdish held northern Iraq.

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Ex-ambassador Craig Murray on Iraq and the London bombings

19-07-2005 09:46

"It is a foreign policy of oil grab cloaked in hypocrisy, and the impact of that policy on Muslims, that has caused this hate."

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Baxter visit convinces Burke of need for royal commission

19-07-2005 01:11

Royal Commission into prisons and detention centers
Well our prisons and institutions have all fallen by the wayside so why not have a Royal Commission into prisons and detention centers? Seen as how the punishment appears to be the same even for an alleged terrorist who can be treated like the worst of the worst criminals, regardless if any case has been made against them in a court of law.

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A Warning from Israel

18-07-2005 21:42

What May Come After the Evacuation of Jewish Settlers from the Gaza Strip

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refuse idcards

18-07-2005 17:10

free stickers
calling all people who are against our governments proposed idcards system, are giving away free stickers which are intended to raise awareness for the no campaign and we invite people to requst them for free, from us and join us in raising awarness about idcards.

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 4

18-07-2005 14:48

Part 4 of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi history for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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Pentagon: Eastern European bases for fighting in Middle East!

18-07-2005 13:54

And the UK? - The U.S. Army is conducting joint military exercises this month in Bulgaria and Romania as a key test of Pentagon plans to develop Eastern European bases as staging areas for fighting in the Middle East.

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London ESF Arrests Update - final

18-07-2005 13:14

The final case of people arreste & charged during the London European Social Forum was supposed to be heard today at Southwark crown court.

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P.Tatchell warns of poss muslim fundamentalist attacks on gays...

18-07-2005 11:38

Peter Tatchell & gay rights group OutRage! today issued a warning that Islamic fundamentalists pose a significant threat to gay people and venues. Urges venues to increase security in the wake of 7/7 bombings.

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Portraits from vigil Russell Square Sunday 17th July

18-07-2005 10:49

Vigil organised by Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain in memory of the victims of the London bombings as well as victims of US/UK state treeorism in Iraq and Afganistan

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John Pilger on "Blair's Bombs" / G8 / Iraq - a "must read"

18-07-2005 10:42

Lest We Forget - These Were 'Blair's Bombs'