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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Leading Christian Palestinians calls for Israeli boycott, divestment & sanctio

14-12-2009 12:33

Kairos Palestine Document of Leading Christian Palestinians, published on Friday 11th December - the 61st anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights - calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions in Israel. The Kairos Palestine Document is inspired by the liberation theology, especially in South Africa where a similar document was issued at a crucial time in the struggle against apartheid. Kairos is an ancient Greek term meaning the right or opportune moment.

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London Benefit Event in solidarity to the arrested comrades of Resalto

14-12-2009 02:17

For the financial support of the 22 arrested of Resalto

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Squatting ban in the Netherlands

14-12-2009 00:31

A pamflet about the new anit-squat law and what is expected to happen when it is passed.

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COP15 - more mass arrests

13-12-2009 20:22

The second day at COP15 saw another mass arrest of hundreds of activists, as the Danish state continues to show a complete disregard for the right to protest. A 'Hit The Production' march to the Harbour called to highlight the way in which capitalist organisation of production in our societies is the root cause of climate change set off at 12:40 towards the harbour. Within an hour police moved in, took the sound system and began arresting hundreds. Arrestees were loaded onto coaches and taken to a detention centre, where conditions were detained in oppressive conditions

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Free the Belgrade Six:

13-12-2009 17:55

Interview in Madrid with a member of the anarchist federation from Slovenia.

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Arrests Copenhagen

12-12-2009 22:25

People taken away by the Police on Bus 51
Images show people at COP15 protest whom after being kettled and then arrested by being dragged from the crowd, had their hands restrained with cable ties and were put on buses. This is the first bus which has a sign, bus 51.

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Copenhagen Police Accused of Violating Human Rights at UN Summit

12-12-2009 22:04

aerial view of lines of people arrested
Danish police have indiscriminately arrested hundreds of climate justice activists during a climate change protest made up of 100,000 people that took place today in Copenhagen. Questions have been raised about the fact that the arrests occurred in a different time and place to where some trouble had momentarily flared earlier in the day. Journalists have been restricted from reporting at the site of the arrests since 1800hrs.

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Internment of residents of Ashraf City protest, London - pictures.

12-12-2009 21:43

Around 5 months after Iraqi security forces attack Ashraf City in Iraq killing 11 people, Iraqi authorities announce on Thursday 10th December their intention to force the pro-democracy Iranian residents of the city out of Iraq.

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If you need help… in Copenhagen!

11-12-2009 17:00

If you need help at the climate summit, there are different places in Copenhagen where you can go:

Important practical information!

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100 Iranian Intellectuals called for Protest Movement’s Victim Families Invitati

10-12-2009 14:14

Neda statue
A group of Iranians that includes writers, artists, journalists, humanitarians, and political and social activists living in exile request that the Norwegian Nobel Committee for Peace Prize invite to the ceremony the mothers, or another immediate family member of those killed in recent protests in Iran.
The Open Letter signed in last November as a symbolic act to support Iranian protesters.

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Activist Cindy Sheehan

10-12-2009 08:56


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Solidarity in the Attack

10-12-2009 00:16

Wherever I see you mad power, without wasting too many words, I'll try to do you in !

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Abuse greets church service for peace in Palestine

09-12-2009 22:01

Zionists hurled abuse at Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of no faith attending an alternative Christmas event in a central London church on December 8th. Organised by Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-BIG), the concert/service combined poetry, prose and theatre with the singing of traditional carols altered to draw attention to the injustices Israel is inflicting on the modern-day residents of the Holy Land, the Palestinian people.

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Human rights event in London: "Torture in Our Times"

09-12-2009 19:22

10 December is Human Rights Day and also marks 25 years of the adoption of the Convention Against Torture (it became law in 1987). Yet torture is still practiced all over the world and supported and/or ignored by other regimes. Join us as we discuss this tragedy of our times

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Is Channel 4 of Silvio Berlusconi?

09-12-2009 16:59

Silvio Berlusconi has build his media imperium using the publicity market.
If you control the publicity market, you control indirectly all newspapers, tv stations ,internet providers...
Did you know that the European variant of his publicity firm ‘Publitalia‘ is
Publierope ( and that it takes care for the publicity on Channel 4?

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Manchester Transport Police Armed with Tasers

09-12-2009 13:44

British Transport Police (BTP) will be armed with electric stun guns as part of a three-month trial scheme patrolling the railways of Manchester, London and Cardiff. Until recently, they have called in armed officers from other forces when dealing with incidents that require them.

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Justice Denied: Women victims of torture face a lifetime of suffering

09-12-2009 13:16

Medical Foundation
"Whether perpetrated in conflict or in peace, the root causes of violence against women [are] deep-seated inequalities and discrimination"

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100 Ways To Undermine The Industrial Machine (collated version)

09-12-2009 11:42

This article appears in two parts on The Earth Blog, and an ongoing request is on for further ideas that can be added to the list - submissions can be made to

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Hunger Strike in Parliament Square, London

09-12-2009 11:23

Ocalan and Big Ben
On Sunday 5 December 2009 a post on the 'United States of Kurdistan' blog announced that The Kurdish Community in the UK were starting a hunger strike opposite the UK Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square, and asked for support.