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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Solidarity with Imprisoned Berlin Anti-Fascist Andrea!

20-12-2007 06:32

On the 1.12.07 the Berlin anti-fascist Andrea has been arrested by plainclothes cops of LKA's political branch.

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U.S. Prisoner - Life in Prison for Lending Car

20-12-2007 06:26

Paul Modrowski, of Illinois, U.S.A., convicted of Murder 1 on an accountability basis for supposedly lending his car to a supposed killer -- who was acquitted -- seeks release from prison for Christmas.

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Pensioner Jailed for Opposing Trident Nuclear Weapons

18-12-2007 21:45

IRENE WILLIS, a 62-year-old peace activist from Southend, Essex was today sentenced to seven days' imprisonment by City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court for refusing to pay a fine of £50 (+ £50 court costs). The fine was for deliberately obstructing traffic around Parliament Square during an anti-nuclear protest on 14th March 2007, the day Parliament voted to replace Trident, despite a huge Labour backbench rebellion.

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18-12-2007 20:41

A big thank you to all Sequani Marchers. Plus update on trial.

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London Home Office HQ Blockaded by Refugee Support Groups

18-12-2007 14:30

Home Office Blockade
9.45am, 18 December 2007: Five people from refugee support groups including No Borders London managed to successfully blockade the front entrance of the Home Office headquarters on Marsham Street in London.

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Urgent appeal for British resident Binyam Mohamed, “close to suicide” in Guantánamo

18-12-2007 14:13

An appeal for readers to write to the Foreign Secretary David Miliband to demand the return to the UK from Guantánamo of British resident Binyam Mohamed, who, as his lawyer explains, "may be close to suicide."

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Philippine President Gloria Arroyo: Economist or Politician?

18-12-2007 11:21

Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo & Imelda Marcos
I think I’m a pretty good economist, but a very bad politician.”
- by Gloria Macapacagal-Arroyo

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G8/Genova Sentence : 110 Years of Jail for the Demonstrators

18-12-2007 10:26

the final sentence of trial against the demonstrators of the G8 2001 summit, yasterday gave us the verdict: 25 of us will pay for everybody

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Licensed to kill

18-12-2007 10:21

For the past 13 years, Britain's National Security State has had the legal right to do anything that it likes.

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Call out for solidarity and support for Australian anarchists

17-12-2007 20:00

In a time of International repression against activists all over the globe, we are calling out for letters of support and solidarity for anarchists arrested and facing severe repression after the G20 economic forum protests of November 2006 in Melbourne, Australia.

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Pictures from Sequani March & Blockade

17-12-2007 18:25

Activists from around the country travelled for a national march and demonstration in Ledbury on Saturday 15th December. One the return journey, five people sat down and began a blockade in the centre of town in solidarity with the Sequani 12: on bail and awaiting court cases for SOCPA conspiracy charges.

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CDG crisis deepens

17-12-2007 14:59

The crisis at Careers Development Group worsens.

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Germany, Hamburg: riots after 3 000 cops try to stop anti-repression-march

17-12-2007 12:33

Germany. Riots broke out after (how funny!) 3 000 robocops tried to stop an anti-repression march.

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UK physicians respond to The Guardian's disinformation on Dr David Kelly's death

17-12-2007 10:36

The importance of a Government cover-up (in the context of the investigation of the suspicious death of the world expert on biological and chemical weapons who, at the time of his death, was perceived to be blowing the whistle on the Government which had taken the country to illegal war on a pack of lies) cannot be over-emphasised. Richard Norton-Taylor (and others in his position) should be pressing for a proper investigation of Kelly's death, ie a proper inquest, rather than wasting his time attempting to rubbish Norman Baker's book, while claiming the moral high ground. Otherwise, there is a risk that he and other apparent apologists for the dreadful Blair and Brown governments are seen in the future as the shameless enablers that perhaps they are.

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Shop an MP and help prosecute the PM under SOCPA

17-12-2007 10:30

Mark Thomas and co. are appealing for people to help in reporting sightings of MPs breaking the law by giving political opinion ("demonstrations") within the Westminster SOCPA zone. They would also be very much grateful if you bought a badge to donate funds to the ongoing case against Gordon Brown who appears to have taken the law into his own hands... Perhaps in solidarity with Brian?

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Rod Coronado Pleads Guilty to expolsives charges

17-12-2007 09:40

High profile 'Earth First' and AR leader accepts plea bargain.

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Scottish human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar prosecuted

17-12-2007 05:52

Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar is due to appear before the High Court in Edinburgh in January 2008 on charges of contempt of court, relating to statements he made following the conviction of his client on terrorism charges in September.

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Sequani Labs March & Blockade in Ledbury

16-12-2007 22:08

Activists from around the country travelled for a national march and demonstration in Ledbury on Saturday 15th December. One the return journey, five people sat down and began a blockade in the centre of town in solidarity with the Sequani 12: on bail and awaiting court cases for SOCPA conspiracy charges.

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Urgent Action: Bucaramanga Coca-Cola Workers Receive Imminent Death Threat

16-12-2007 15:06

Nelson Perez, Luis Eduardo Garcia, Jose Domingo Flores, Javier Correa
In the last fortnight, three Coca-Cola workers in Bucaramanga, Colombia have
been told that before the end of December they will be killed and buried in
a mass grave. The threat demands that their union cease all protest against
Coca-Cola. Join us in emergency action to defend their lives!

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Aggressions Against the Zapatistas of Bolom Ajaw

16-12-2007 14:56

The Other Campaign Mobilizes in Response to Aggressions Against the Zapatistas of
Bolom Ajaw
Authorities, Working Through an Alleged Paramilitary Group, Plan to "Relocate" the
Inhabitants; Civil Groups Called to Boycott Tourism of the Agua Azul Falls