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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Callout Action days for squatting

17-09-2010 09:18

Action Days against the ban on squating in the Netherlands. help save our sociale centers

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English Defence League sing "Aint no black in the union jack" at EDL protest

16-09-2010 03:04

The notorious racist and Islamophobic English Defence League were shouting "Aint no Black in the Union Jack" at an EDL protest. The EDL have rioted across the country. Their protests have been attended by the National Front, Combat 18, the BNP, Blood and Honour, Nationalist anarchists and lone racists. They have attacked Muslim women, attacked Mosques & Temples.

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Autonomous Actions, Celebration & Destruction in Calais

15-09-2010 21:44

Autonomous food distro
UPDATE: The local press has just reported that a camp near Dunkirk was razed by diggers in the early hours of this morning.
It had been a home to around 10 Afghans

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15-09-2010 20:02

The English Defence League are holding a flash demo in Gateshead. NOW.

One of them has been arrested for burning a Qur'an and they have put a call out for help at the Gateshead police station where they are holding a "flash demo".

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English Defence League demo Amsterdam & support of Dutch extremist Geert Wilders

15-09-2010 19:14

The English Defence League are a racist, Islamophobic and Zionist organisation who have rioted in Luton, Dudley, Stoke, Bolton, Bradford, Newcastle...they have attacked Muslims including women and have desecrated Mosques. They have attempted to riot in London. The EDL held a "Freedom Of Speech" rally in support of Geert Wilders in London. They plan another demo in Holland on October 30th.

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Pope logo

15-09-2010 16:11

An old but appropriate logo for the Pope's visit.

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Hunger strikes in Swiss prisons by anarchist prisoners Marco, Billy, Costa and S

15-09-2010 15:40

Eco-anarchist prisoners Marco Camenisch, Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini started an hunger strike the past 10th September.

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Rally in support of John and Mary Flynn / Traveller Test Case at Southend County

14-09-2010 20:28

In poor health and anxious to stay with their extended family, grandparents Mary and John Flynn, among the many elder residents of Dale Farm, have refused a offer to accommodate them in a council flat.

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Support the Reykjavik 9

14-09-2010 10:26

As we speak, Iceland’s first post-collapse trial is taking place. To no-one’s surprise, the accused are individuals from the most radical part of the uprising that toppled Iceland’s government during the winter of 2008 and 2009. The people – anarchists and radical leftists – are now facing somewhere between 1 and 16 years in prison, will they be found guilty of attacking the parliament.

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Truth and Justice for Victims of Pinochet Dictatorship

14-09-2010 05:14

Presenters will discuss their efforts to bring truth, justice and reparations for victims of crimes against humanity committed during the Pinochet dictatorship.

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Report from the frontlines of the eviction of Travelers at Hovefields, Essex

13-09-2010 19:02

Everybody is feeling very bruised after the Hovefields eviction and the two instant police evictions under s61 of the Criminal Justice Act 1994 around Gardiners Lane, which were done in jackboot fashion without the least mercy.

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'State Visit' costing the UK tax payer 43,332 Euro PER CITIZEN of the Vatican

12-09-2010 21:31

For the record. The 'State Visit' is costing the UK tax payer 43,332 Euro PER CITIZEN of the Vatican and a large percentage of those 'people' (11% +) are accused child rapists and molesters.

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revolt in milan

12-09-2010 12:47

revolt in the c.i.e. of milan italy

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Protests expected to increase as Tony Blair reveals he will travel with Pope.

11-09-2010 03:41

The Guardian reported, "protests could increase after it emerged that Tony Blair, who has been pelted with eggs and cancelled two public events in the past week, is likely to accompany the Pope on part of his trip".

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The English Defence League East Anglis are meeting tomorrow in Gt Yarmouth

10-09-2010 20:45

The violent racists, neo Nazis, Islamo[phobes and extreme Zionists are meeting tomorrow in Great Yarmouth East Anglia at 12 noon. Anti fascists might want to pop in for a chat hey.

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Update: desperate situation of evicted Travelers

10-09-2010 10:25

Grattan sends an update from the ongoing eviction at Hovefields.

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Detailed report of ongoing eviction of Traveler familes at Hovefields, Sussex

10-09-2010 10:22

Report from Ann, an activist who has been attempting to support Traveler families, including children, who have been made homeless in the ongoing eviction and are being repeatedly moved on by police.

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Solidarity needed for Russian anarchist forest defenders

09-09-2010 08:14

The Russian movement to defend the Khimki forest is a movement defending all forests. If corporations and politicians working in the interest of a global neoliberal and environmentally destructive model is able to exploit the Khimki forest and continue repressing the activists in spite of a historically broad and strong movement in Russia defending the forest, than it can be done anywhere.

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London NoBorders presents: "Erasing David"

08-09-2010 21:51

Tuesday 14th September, 7.30pm, at Shortwave Cinema, 10 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3EU.