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English Defence League sing "Aint no black in the union jack" at EDL protest

anon | 16.09.2010 03:04 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield | World

The notorious racist and Islamophobic English Defence League were shouting "Aint no Black in the Union Jack" at an EDL protest. The EDL have rioted across the country. Their protests have been attended by the National Front, Combat 18, the BNP, Blood and Honour, Nationalist anarchists and lone racists. They have attacked Muslim women, attacked Mosques & Temples.

The English Defence League have been exposed as racists over and over again. Now they have been filmed singing "Aint no black in the union jack" along with the "Allah is a ****" and "Allah, Allah, who the **** is Allah" chants.

They have smashed up a Hindu Temple in Dudley and desecrated Mosques with pigs heads.

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