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revolt in milan

mark | 12.09.2010 12:47 | Repression

revolt in the c.i.e. of milan italy

yesterday around 5 o clock start another revolt inside the c.i.e of milan ..c.i.e is center of detention and expulsion (lager) in italy...many people (imigrants) normal people looking for better life end up in this centers that basically is a lager( concentration camp) the life inside is the same as a prison sametimes even worst..conditions are horrible, medication expired since 4 years ago , the food many times have sleeping pills to have them controlled and many agressions physicall (as rape) and verbal , extreme many times the detainees start revolts inside ..yesterday happen in milan ..2 areas of the lager burned , and the detainees got control of half the center last 3 hours until the riot police got inside..many comrades got thereb on time to do demo ... next days we are planning solidarity demos outside the lager ...because 2 areas got fire 2 of the detainees got there freedom (no space inside the lager) so on tuesday tuesday they are comming to the new occupation in milan LA BOTTIGLIERIA OCCUPATA explain what actually happen inside ..lets make stand to this kind of total represion and show solidarity with our brothers from other countries ..... if you have a lager in your city FIGHT BACK LETS CLOSE DETENTION CENTER WORLDWIDE crew of the bottiglieria occupata KOMBATE