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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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New crime bill flouts presumption of innocence

20-01-2007 21:13

This week the Home Office published its proposed Serious Crime bill. Under the guise of tackling “serious and organized crime,” the Blair government is to further erode the presumption of innocence, so that people who have not been charged—let alone convicted—of a criminal offence can be subject to draconian restrictions on their freedom of movement.

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Farnborough Airport Public Inquiry

20-01-2007 17:32

A public Inquiry is to be held on Tuesday to consider a demand by TAG Aviation to double the number of weekend and bank holiday flights at Farnborough Airport.

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Labour's plans to create a Thought Crime

20-01-2007 01:59

The Government has plans to make it illegal to possess images which it considers "abhorrent" even though they admit that there is no proof of them causing harm.

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18/01/07: Video , photos and report on Kalyx - “Making everyday a better day.”

20-01-2007 00:36

Video of the protest outside Kalyx-Sodexho headquarters. photographs of Kalyx-run HMP Peterborough and a report on Kalyx and the Sodexho Alliance - listed as one of the companies profiteering from Guantanamo Bay.

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In Turkey, the penalty for "Insulting Turkishness" is death

19-01-2007 21:56

Prominent Armenian-Turkish journalist Dink is killed by assassins bullet after Turkish State witch-hunt. Dink was outspoken about the first World War genocide of 300,000 Armenians at the hands of the Turkish State in 1915-18.

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19-01-2007 17:28


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Bloody report from Ballinaboy/ Rossport, Ireland

19-01-2007 15:13

Gardai plough into crowd to assault and intimidate
Report from today, friday of the ongoing protests at Ballinaboy, Mayo. Usual Garda violence etc.

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OutRage!: Nigeria's svage anti-gay laws- PROTESTS REQ.

19-01-2007 09:58

Gay rights group OutRage! issues protest call over Nigeria's new and savage anti-gay laws...

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Entry Denied:

19-01-2007 04:09

Frozen visitation and re-entry
Entry Denied: Palestinian-Americans Among Thousands Blocked by Israel from Occupied Territories

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Democrat Agenda Omissions

19-01-2007 00:52

It gets even worse, as it always does, as not a word is heard from Democrats that the Bush administration through lies and deceit committed what the Nuremberg Tribunal called the "supreme international crime" of illegal aggression against a country posing no threat to us or its neighbors. The new Congress also said nothing about what former UN head of Iraqi humanitarian relief called an act of genocide against the Iraqi people when he resigned from his post in anger and disgust in 1998.

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11-01-07: Photos from Catholic Workers Guantanamo protest, US Embassy

18-01-2007 21:55

Several photographs of the Catholic Workers Guantanamo Bay protest on the evening of 11/01/07.

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Video: Guantanamo Vogue and Disco Dance outside Lockheed-Martin

18-01-2007 21:47

Video The letter delivered to Lockheed-Martin
11-01-2007: A break away group of protestors target Lockheed-Martin for profiteering from Guantanamo Bay.

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(Video) Nablus: IOF-operation in the old city

18-01-2007 19:54

Today, 18th of January 2006, Nablus experienced another military operation by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

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Translated Corriere della Sera newspaper article on suspended Genoa Diaz case

18-01-2007 19:31

The translation is a bit rough, due to time constraints.

Genoa Diaz trial suspended over one of its most controversial sides. Well-known police officers are on trial for false evidence and slander.

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Genova G8 Cops get off as the evidence disapears into thin air

18-01-2007 11:44

Genova, well it was a set up from the start cops beat the living shit out of sleeping innocents on plant the basis of evidence in the form of a crate full of petrol bombs, it kooked like an open and shut case. But today "La Repubblica" (masso'cronace)newspaper reports that the petrol bombs are no more they are in fact ex petrol bombs and the case against the cops is as the they say "finito" no evidence no case. The whole trial and inquiry into the events of the G8 in Genoa have been a farce.

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Germany G8 - 12km Security Fence Construction Begins!

18-01-2007 10:22

Last monday (15th jan) authorities in Germany began erecting a 12km security fence around the area of the 2007 G8 summit venue. The fence costing 12.5M Euros will take 15 weeks to complete. Not missing a trick activists were on hand to unwelcome the fence, hanging a banner saying "Fence In Capitalism!"

The fence consisting of 4,600 dark green steel segments weighing 75 kg (165.3 lb) will be 2.5 metres (8 ft 2.4 in) high and 2.45 metres wide. The segments are attached to cement pillars weighing 900 kg each and topped with razor wire - to prevent anyone from tunneling beneath the fence, 50-cm long steel grating is also being sunk into the ground.

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Australia: More race hate from the political and mass media establishment

18-01-2007 07:22

All we're going to get is islamophobia
Big media switches over to super race hate campaigns again no doubt to cover up for John Howard, while he gets a buzz in Broome WA on holidays? Or is this what we're going to get until their big media and political establishment can once again shrug off their responsibilities and complicity in their wide spread lies and hate at home and their killing in Iraq, which includes torture, and rendition. Once again this is about what someone is alleged to have said, all ears open. But what about corruption who's going to deal with that? Hey Howard? What about you Dud? No not big media! If it's left up to big media all we're going to get is islamophobia because it suits them, is divisive and is a great way to cover-up for their lack of responsibility. Thanks!

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Oz Minister’s Identity Crisis

18-01-2007 04:41

The ‘Australian’ Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, familiar to the local population as an American apologist, stooge and lackey, appears to have lost every vestige of a national identity as he strained today to defend the illegal detention by the criminal Bush regime of the Australian citizen, David Hicks. Mr. Downer’s muddled and professionally unqualified statements regarding the mental health of David Hicks, after five years detention in Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, only serve to highlight his personal dereliction of duty and his traitorous attitude to a foreign power.

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Top Pentagon Official Calls for Boycott of Law Firms

18-01-2007 03:42

To boycott law firms
A top Pentagon official last week urged U.S. corporations to boycott law firms whose attorneys represent detainees at the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In a radio interview last week, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs Charles “Cully” Stimson said companies might wish to shun firms that represent “the very terrorists who hit their bottom line back in 2001.” Stimson apologized after his remarks were condemned by the American Bar Association and deans from more than 130 law schools. We speak with the co-author of the law school petition and a corporate lawyer representing six Guantanamo prisoners

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G8 police raids in Munich

17-01-2007 21:21

in munich different places were raided by the police. Named as a reason was the call to blockade the airport Rostock-Laage published in several broshures and in the call for protests against the socalled security-conference [a privatelly organized sub-summit where politicians, weapons industrials and nato-generals harmonize their strategies,].