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Farnborough Airport Public Inquiry

Keith Parkins | 20.01.2007 17:32 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | Repression | London

A public Inquiry is to be held on Tuesday to consider a demand by TAG Aviation to double the number of weekend and bank holiday flights at Farnborough Airport.

To the surprise of many, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor refused a demand by TAG Aviation for a doubling of weekend and bank holiday flights at Farnborough Airport.

TAG appealed.

The appeal into the refusal by Rushmoor Borough Council of TAG's application to extend weekend flying is to be heard at a Public Inquiry at the Council Offices in Farnbrough starting Tuesday of next week (23 January 2007), and expected to last all week.

All are welcome to attend, the more the merrier.

The Farnborough News is running an online vote (very unscientifically) to see what the level of opinion is with regards to if TAG should be allowed the extension or not. The vote is accessed from the Farnborough News web-site.

A similar poll on the Aldershot News website.

We have been asked by members of the Farnborough Aerodrome Residents Association (FARA) to publicise this poll and ask people to express their own opinion. The feeling from some who have contacted us is that unless there is a general awareness of the poll the result may be somewhat skewed.

So please if you feel strongly about the weekend flying issue (whichever way you feel) please take a moment to express your point of view - by clicking on the poll. There is an expectation that some parties to the appeal will point to this vote as material evidence; despite there being no statistical control on the validity of such a polling method.



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