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(Video) Nablus: IOF-operation in the old city

a-films | 18.01.2007 19:54 | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Today, 18th of January 2006, Nablus experienced another military operation by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

Around 2 o'clock in the morning, dozens of jeeps and a bulldozer approached the old city of Nablus from several directions. The IOF sourrounded a house in al-Qisariyye neighborhood, targetting the two activists Amin Lubadi and Sophian Qandil. However, the two weren't there and no arrests could be made.
During the clashes that errupted between the armed resistance and the IOF, Muhannad al-Ghandour ("al-Urduni") was killed near the Dawaar in the Tulkarem-alley. He leaves behind his wife, his daughter and his son. He's funeral took place in the afternoon.
Not taking part in the stone-throwing, Mohammad Abu Salha was shot in the head. His condition is very critical. At least five other people were left injured. During the operation, residents of the al-Qisariyye and Sheikh Msallem area were ordered to leave their houses and the IOF partly demolished a house at the edge of the old city, belonging to the Ishhab family.
Residents of Nablus defended themselves with stones, molotov cocktails and burning barricades against the IOF. Around 10 o'clock the army left Nablus and headed towards Huwwaraa military base, further provoking and attacking the people on the way.

The following clip is supposed to provide some impressions from today's military operation in Nablus:[Indymedia]_(2007-01-18)_army_operation_in_nablus.wmv

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