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Israel's Suffering?

21-07-2006 12:24

As the latest round of Israeli mass punishment escalates, as the Lebanese people are once again subjected to a taste of the brutality meted out to the Palestinians, and as George Bush and Tony Blair give their tacit approval, the question posed by Robert Fisk in a recent article surely warrants further consideration. 'What does this act of destruction tell us about Israel? Or about ourselves?'

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21-07-2006 11:50


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21-07-2006 11:38


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Lebanon: Throw out war propagandists like the BBC, FOX, CNN etc.

21-07-2006 09:41

We all know the BBC is strictly impartial! How do we know that? Because that's what they keep saying on the telly! But in reality most are not 'journalists' but warmongering propagandists. The BBC the last 2 decades has given just 2% to broadcasting anti-war dissent! They have shown to be worse than FOX, CNN etc

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Open Letter to The Middle East Quartet

21-07-2006 09:27

An Open Letter to The Middle East Quartet
by the Beijing International Peace Vigil

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Somalian Islamists arrest twenty men for viewing porn film

21-07-2006 03:55

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA -- In a move that would likely strike awe in the hearts of American neo-cons, 20 Somali men have been arrested by Islamic militiamen after having allegedly viewed a pornographic video.

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Worldwide Protests Slam G8 Support of Nuclear, Coal, Oil

21-07-2006 01:33

The protests included large "banner drops" in multiple cities, protests of coal and oil companies, and rallies at the U.S. embassy in London and the Washington, DC home of U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman. On Friday, protestors showed up at Bodman's home, demanding that the United States and the G8 abandon the focus on nuclear, coal, and on oil wars as "energy security." They chanted "No Coal, No Nukes, G-8 shut it down!" No arrests took place.

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Yorkshire MEPs Remain Reticent on the Yorkshire Ripper Cover-Up

20-07-2006 22:47

While awareness continues to spread among the general public that something is horribly wrong with the Yorkshire Ripper case, the region's representatives in the European Parliament remain strangely bashful and reticent on this vital life-or-death issue.

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NUJ condemns Israeli targeting of the media

20-07-2006 20:36

NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear has written to the Israeli embassy in protest at the targeting of the media in the current escalation of violence in the Middle East.

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Annan Calls For Cease-Fire: Israel Murders Over 100 Children

20-07-2006 19:00


if the reporting on this situation does not improve, it's time to blockade the media at their offices. The same goes for this pathetic excuse for a "Government". Why is Bliar the War Criminal still in power?

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Latvia bans gay Pride- Tatchell to attend despite threats

20-07-2006 16:14

Latvia has banned this weekends' gay Pride parade etc in Riga. Peter Tatchell of Outrage etc to attend a parade despite the ban and threats of violence..

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G8 2006 Repression Continues -- The case of Mihain

20-07-2006 10:51

Translated and posted by the "G8 2006 Info and Press Group", Berlin.

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20-07-2006 07:48



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America's Slaughter in Lebanon

19-07-2006 21:03

World events have recently taken on the personality of a madman from a bad 60's b grade movie, intent on taking over the world. Maybe that is exactly what's happening.

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The Insane Brutality, Moral Decay Of Israel

19-07-2006 21:00

It's becoming very clear that this military operation was designed for the wider purpose of inciting a war with Iran and Syria, which the Extremists responsible failed to dupe the international community into supporting, what with the whole "Iraq WMD" thing they perpetrated.

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Sat 22nd July, Picket Israeli Tennis Team in Eastbourne

19-07-2006 17:19

Picket Israel’s tennis team in their Davis Cup tie with Britain
On Saturday 22nd July from 12.00noon (note change of time)
At Devonshire Park Tennis Club, College Road, Eastbourne, E Sussex, BN21 4JJ
Minibus from Brighton leaves St Peter’s Church at 11.00am

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Lebonese demo Tuesday night. The blockading of Parliament.

19-07-2006 16:37

The volume increases.
The road outside Parliament was blocked for around 20 minutes by around 500 mostly Lebanese demonstrators. The action forced the main gates to be locked by Police so MPs wishing to drive home at the end of the session found themselves locked in.

The Police were hopelessly outnumbered so could do little except stand and watch. They called in reinforcements from just about everywhere including City of London, British Transport Police and local Westminster duty plods. Having no option but to adopt a softly, softly approach they kept well back letting the stewards gently move the protesters back into the square. They then formed a line of vans and officers across the front of the demo and remained until the protest finished. There was no violence, the protest remained loud and angry until the end.

Expect greater numbers on Saturday.

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Tuesday Night Lebonese Protest. Vigil for Peace in Parliament Square.

19-07-2006 16:25

Lebonese refugees....
The candlelit vigil called by the Palistinian Solidarity Campaign in Parliament Square was a lot bigger than expected. Since the demo was booked events in Lebanon have spiraled with hundreds of civilians killed in airstrikes and Israel increasing its military operation with every passing day. So the half a dozen or so cops deployed found themselves policing a protest of around 2000 angry people. Direct action was inevitable....

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Illegal police trespass at Titnore Woods

19-07-2006 16:22

Video Police van
Wednesday afternoon a police camera crew illegally entered the Titnore Woods protest camp to film protesters and construction works on site.

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Teacher arrested for Speaking Irish

19-07-2006 15:59

Máire Nic an Bhaird, a Belfast member of the Irish-language youth organisation Na Gaeil Óga and secondary school teacher is before the courts today (Wednesday, 19 Iúil 2006). Her crime - speaking to a member of the PSNI in her native language, Irish.