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G8 2006 Repression Continues -- The case of Mihain

? | 20.07.2006 10:51 | G8 Russia 2006 | Globalisation | Repression | World

Translated and posted by the "G8 2006 Info and Press Group", Berlin.

-On July 10th, in the yard of his house, Mihail Lunkovskij was
to 15 days incarceration on the basis of exiguous allegations of „minor
hooliganism’(foul-mouthed verbal abuse in a public area) which he is
serving in the special detention centre Zaharjevskaja ulitsa 6.

-After Mihails arrest staff of the “Legal Protection Agency” conducted
an unapproved house search during which papers and also objects were
confiscated that were irrelevant to the items of investigation (a
modem,an exercise machine).

-On the 18th of July at midday Mihail was called from his cell for a
“talk” where someone (obviously a member of the “state guards”) made
known to him that he was been threatened with criminal proceedings for
“organisation of an extreme group” (presumably because he was the main
leaseholder of an apartment in which even before the beginning of the
summit nine activists were arrested and sentenced to 10-15 days
imprisonment because of faked accusations (foul-mouthed verbal abuse in
a public area for russian people and urinating in a public area for
Mihail has serious health problems, therefore we are very worried about
his health and for his life should his prison term be extended.

We will observe the situation attentively and initiate an international
solidarity campaign should the threats and intimidation attempts come

Furthermore we will exert pressure on the state by all the means we
at our disposal.

Stay tuned!

-A Group of participants in the Network Against the G8, friends of
Mihain and Legal Team

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