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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Taser’s don’t kill, Excited Delirium does!

23-01-2006 17:44

Dr. Charles Wetli
Taser International, the Scottsdale Arizona manufacturer of the extremely controversial “X26 Advanced Taser” electro-muscular-disruption “stun” gun was thrown a bone last week; abet one they may still choke on.

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Leeds anti-asbo demonstration - full report and more pictures

23-01-2006 16:56

A report of Saturday's anti-asbo action and details on the next organising meeting.

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Peter Sandy cleared by Standards Board

23-01-2006 16:44

Rushmoor councillor and community activist Peter Sandy has been cleared by the Standards Board for England of the malicious charges brought against him by the borough chief executive Andrew Lloyd.

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Rushmoor Private Landlords Forum – January 2006

23-01-2006 16:42

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor recently hosted an evening for private landlords under the slogan 'Let's work together'.

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Rushmoor Returning Officer mired in scandal

23-01-2006 16:38

Following his appearance on the leaflet of one of the candidates in an Aldershot by-election, there has been calls in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor for the council chief executive Andrew Lloyd to stand down as Returning Officer.

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Jean Charles remembered by hundreds at Stockwell vigil.

23-01-2006 15:54

No justice no peace.
Six months after the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes 2-300 people gathered at Stockwell Tube station (the scene of the crime) to remember Jean and support his cousins. For the family it has been a very difficult time made worse by endless lies peddled by the British State and its filth…whoops… I mean Police.

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23-01-2006 12:27

A review of news, opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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Defiant demonstrators.

23-01-2006 10:43

Demonstrations in Parliament Square.

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Bin Laden Backfire

23-01-2006 05:13

US ‘intelligence’ agencies now realise the ‘Bin Laden’ tape has been a huge flop and the effect has been the reverse of that anticipated. It has also proven to be a monumental liability as people around the globe are now questioning the veracity of all allegations relating to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda; Howard and Blair beware, even the Arabs are questioning their ideological base. Well done Semitic ideologues, neo-cons and Straussians. External attacks are unnecessary, you are doing an excellent job on yourselves – no help needed or wanted!

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activist trauma gathering, 4th Feb, London

22-01-2006 11:58

activist trauma gathering
it's happening, soon...

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CS used in second raid on Bradford Squat

22-01-2006 11:06

Police have raided the squat on cecil avenue a second time CS gassing two of the occupants.

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Jean Charles: IPCC forwards report to police -- but not to family

21-01-2006 17:18

The "Independent" Police Complaints Commission has finished its report on the killing of J. C. de Menezes and are handing the report to the police and Crown Prosecution Service – but keeping it secret from the family.

Family & friends gather Sun 22th at Stockwell Tube Station to commemorate 6 month anniversary of the killing, at 10.05 am to mark the exact time Jean was killed, and at 1 pm for a public vigil.

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The Genova G8 Diaz trial - Chilean night

21-01-2006 16:07

As the first week of testimony from the British witnesses at the Genova G8 Diaz raid trial passes, despite many incursions by lawyers representing the police, Oscar Beard recounts the events of the attack in interviews with several victims.

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internationals against video surveillance

20-01-2006 20:55

an international grouping of activists sponsor an international day against video surveillance.

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20-01-2006 20:17

Trying George W. Bush for war crimes.

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Illegal eviction and reoccupation of bradford squat

20-01-2006 19:19

squat in bradford evicted by police then reoccupied by squatters.

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Failed your exams? Boot camp!

20-01-2006 14:32

Dutch cabinet plans huge prison camp, for young people who leave school with a qualification.

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Bin Laden to the Rescue

20-01-2006 12:57

In a desperate attempt to retrieve the tatters that is the Bush government, Bin Laden has again come to the rescue – perfect timing! Who remembers the last major announcement from the person who has done more to assist Bush than any other man on the planet? It was during the last presidential election when Bush was in desperate need of an alarmist boost.

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Singapore threatens anti-World Bank Protestors - boycott call

20-01-2006 11:33

This is a global call for action by S.M.Mohamed Idris, the President of Consumers Association of Penang and Friends of the Earth Malaysia to boycott Singapore Airlines in view of the warning issued by the Singapore government that it is prepared to cane or imprison protestors who commit "violent crimes" during the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF in September this year which will be held in Singapore.