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Bin Laden to the Rescue

finch | 20.01.2006 12:57 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | Birmingham | World

In a desperate attempt to retrieve the tatters that is the Bush government, Bin Laden has again come to the rescue – perfect timing! Who remembers the last major announcement from the person who has done more to assist Bush than any other man on the planet? It was during the last presidential election when Bush was in desperate need of an alarmist boost.

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  1. Why wont this lunatic just die? — again and again
  2. Yeah, Documented Fact Is A "Conspiracy" — Don't Fall for the PsyOps
  3. who? — furry thing
  4. Complicated world; simple people. — I have no loyalties
  5. Not At All — al Qaeda = CIA/Mossad