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Is It Really About Terrorism?

11-12-2006 16:37

For the second time this year, I arrived at Coventry airport on Friday evening to find Special Branch officers at my reception [see first time]. Again, I was the last passenger to leave the airport, having been searched and questioned for over 45 minutes under the Terrorism Act. But it was so obvious this time that it had nothing to do with 'terrorism', but more with my being an activist, or "an anarchist", as they put it.

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Emergency Vigil Outside Scottish Parliament Tues 12 Dec

11-12-2006 16:27

Valentina Montoya Martinez of Voces del Sur (photo by marc marnie)
Tuesday 12th December
Events in Edinburgh to commemorate the disappeared, murdered, tortured and exiled from Chile
Emergency Vigil Outside Scottish Parliament at 5.15pm
Presente! Ahora Y Siempre!! at 9.30pm

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Prepare the glasses… The death of Pinochet

11-12-2006 11:11

Santiago, December 10, 2006
Gen. Pinochet, who overthrew Chile's democratically elected president in a bloody coup and ruled this Andean nation for 17 years, died Sunday, Santiago, Chile, Dec. 10, 2006, dashing hopes of victims of his regime's abuses that he would be brought to justice. He was 91. Pinochet suffered a heart attack a week ago and underwent an angioplasty, and the brief announcement by the Santiago Military hospital said his condition worsened suddenly on Sunday. Dr. Juan Ignacio Vergara, spokesman for the medical team that had been treating him, said his family was with him when he died.

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Pinochet, Chile’s former US-backed dictator, dead at 91

11-12-2006 10:28

News of the death of Chile’s former military dictator Augusto Pinochet sparked spontaneous demonstrations in Santiago and other Chilean cities Sunday.

Thousands poured into the streets or drove in horn-honking caravans to celebrate the death of the 91-year-old retired army general, who came to power in a 1973 CIA-backed coup against the elected government of Socialist Party President Salvador Allende.

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Turkey, Istanbul: burning barricades and clashes on the streets

11-12-2006 01:12

Massive fights in the streets of Istanbul:

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VIDEO - Defending Democracy (Sack Parliament 2006)

11-12-2006 01:05

Another better late than never production by Real2Reel. Should have uploaded this months ago after completing it in time for distribution at the anarchist bookfare in London but forgot....

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Police promise pow-wows

10-12-2006 22:41

Following increasingly outrageous treatment by police, the National Union Of Journalists have been raising their concerns. The following article was published in the Freelance....

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200 Eritreans Protest outside the Eritrean Embassy in London.

10-12-2006 20:41

(London 08-12-04) Nearly two hundred Eritreans gathered together protesting the Human Rights abuse that continues unabated in Eritrea....

Originaly posted (along with many photos) on

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Surveillance Camera Players: Ten-Year Report

10-12-2006 03:58

picture on cover shows SCP in the UK, June 2001
The Surveillance Camera Players (NYC, USA) summarize ten years' of work and fun.

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Space Hijackers visit Leipzig, December 2006

10-12-2006 01:05

The Space Hijackers visited the Leipziger Kamera anti-CCTV campaign group in Leipzig, Germany. Here are two short video blogs showing what we got up to.

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NW Feminists: Women are not to blame for rape

09-12-2006 23:30

Saturday, afternoon - Manchester city centre: The North West Feminists took over the city centre with placards, magaphones and info to raise awareness about rape issues.

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On the Ground: San Cristobal, Chiapas - Dirty Water on a Death Bed

09-12-2006 23:12

A Barrio lying on the edge of a polluted stream
The latest report on polluted water resources and corporate privatisation from IMC correspondent Oscar Beard in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

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09-12-2006 18:28

50 lee street E8 (hackney)

SUNDAY 10 OF DECEMBER from 7 p.m.

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Whose War on Whose Terror? Reclaiming Our Rights

09-12-2006 18:20

Yesterday, I was fortunate to have been one of the opening plenary speakers at the 'Reclaiming Our Rights' conference at the Human Rights and Social Justice Institute at the London Metropolitan University, organized mainly by the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC). It was an excellent conference bringing together some of the leading dissident organizations involved in political activism against the anti-terror laws. Speakers included people like Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan; Mark Thomas, political comedian and journalist; Gareth Pierce, leading human rights lawyer; Brian Haw, the permanent Parliament Square protestor; among many others.

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Stencil Graffiti from San Cristobal de Las Casas

09-12-2006 17:28

Some photographs of stencil graffiti from the surrounding barrios of San Cristobal.

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Vision of future is boot stamping on face

09-12-2006 14:52

From the film 1984 - humans are the expendable means to maintaining control. War is the means of controlling the economy. Resistance is real.

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13th DECEMBER decision from the Botswana high courts- action now please

09-12-2006 13:27

we love tribal peoples, they have a place in our earth, so why are they being pushed out of existence and how can we gravitate to a free world for all of us....maintain your freedom of speech and give a call to the people who are questioning this answer, the answer that will have all the peoples a place and some choices for the future...

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France - Banlieues: inquiry on the dead of Bouna Traoré and Zyed Bucket

09-12-2006 11:38

According to lawyer Jean-Pierre Mignard, defender of the families of the victims, from the relationship of the “police of the police” turns out that “the policemen knew that the adolescents were penetrate to you in the situated Edf and their single attitude has been indifference”.

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Asylum seekers protest treatment at detention centres

09-12-2006 10:44

Asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented workers seeking to remain in Britain last week staged a protest in response to their treatment at Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow, London.

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UPRISING RADIO: Mumia Abu-Jamal after 25 years

09-12-2006 05:52

Uprising Radio: 25th anniversary of Mumia’s Arrest
GUEST: Hans Bennett, Philadelphia based photo-journalist who has been documenting the free-Mumia movement. View his new series on Mumia published in the weeks leading up to December 9: