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30-09-2003 02:13

The SPSC Banner on Prices St., Edinburgh
A huge banner bearing the words "Stop Israel's Apartheid Wall" was draped across
a high building on Edinburgh's busy Princes street last Saturday, September
27th. The stunt coincided with a rally on the Mound nearby, one of hundreds
around the world opposing the occupations in Palestine and Iraq.

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pics of "Kasa de la Muntanya" support protest in Edinburgh

29-09-2003 23:00

Dancing to the beat of resistance
Demonstrators descended on the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh on 29th September to express solidarity with the threatened Barcelona squat LA KASA DE LA MUNTANYA.

Placard-waving protestors plastered the Consulate with flyers, delivered a letter to the Consulate-General and distributed leaflets denouncing the attempted eviction of the self-managed community centre.

"For 14 years LA KASA DE LA MUNTANYA has been a community, cultural and social centre run on principles of self-organisation and self-regulation. Despite the fact that there is clear evidence that the Spanish government has obtained ownership of the building illegally and has no plans for its use, an eviction has been scheduled for 2nd October," declared flyers distributed by the dozen demonstrators.

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International Aid Agencies Call For Unrestricted Movement For All

29-09-2003 22:00

Report on movement restrictions and checkpoints in Palestine, with a call for their removal from a long list of international aid agencies.

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Infiltrate, Subvert, Control: How the corporations spy on activists

29-09-2003 14:27

Detailed Information published in the Times Online about how many activist and charity groups (CAAT, WDM, Earth First, CND, the greens, FoE, etc) are infiltrated and spied upon.

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Sheffield No Sweat Event - Sat 4th October

29-09-2003 11:52

The Sheffield No Sweat day event is on Sat 4th October, Sheffield University
Students Union, Western Bank, Sheffield

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Palestine in Pictures

29-09-2003 09:02

There can be no justification for this - NONE!

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The WTO and Workers' Rights

28-09-2003 23:03

A Colombian trade unionist, a British trade unionist and a campaigner against sweatshops spoke in Oxford at a meeting organised by the Oxford for Trade Justice Coalition in the Town Hall on September 25 on the topic of the impact of WTO policies and workers’ rights. You may not be surprised by the conclusions that can be drawn from what was said, but there are some initiatives and Urgent Action appeals, so please read on...

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Arms firm waged dirty war on protesters

28-09-2003 18:48

The defence giant BAE Systems has been linked to a private intelligence-gathering operation that secretly infiltrated anti-arms trade groups.

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Hunger Strike in Thessaloniki

28-09-2003 17:53

Syrian prisoner, Souleiman "Kastro" Dakduk, has started a hunger strike in protest at the continued incarceration of the Thessaloniki 7 and his likely deportation to Syria.

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Some pics from the End Occupation of Iraq London demo

27-09-2003 22:04

Aerial view looking towards Speakers Corner and Park Lane
Contrary to mainstream media reports there were huge numbers on this march. Maybe not millions as in February but probably 100,000.

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Modem friendly video clips of End Occupation of Iraq London demo

27-09-2003 20:50

Initial BBC reports claimed a few thousand protestors. Hopefully these clips will disprove that farcical figure. Trafalgar Square was absolutely packed and numbers were nearer 100,000.
First 2 clips are MPEG1 format and will play on any computer with nothing extra needed. 3'rd clip allows you to go on a virtual reality tour of the crowds in the square but you need Quicktime 6 installed.

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ACTION: No to unfair treatment and violence against workers at Willbes factories

27-09-2003 07:49

Issued by the Haiti Support Group - 26 September 2003

Protest the physical abuse of Haitian workers in Port-au-Prince sweatshops!
Say no to the violation of workers' rights!
Support Haitian workers' attempts to organise unions!

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DSEI police search records still needed by Liberty!! By Monday!

27-09-2003 02:09

On Thursday 2 October, Liberty will be in the high court to challenging the police use of anti-terror searches at DSEI. Were you or your friends searched in London by police during/before the week of September 6th-12 "DSEI week"? Many people have submitted copies of their search receipts to Liberty, but more are needed by Monday at noon!

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Merseyside Police - Stop and search!

27-09-2003 00:04

Merseyside Police
Merseyside Police set up a 'stop and search' zone in the Tuebrook/Anfield area of the city

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2,500 Coke workers in Colombia ordered to resign

26-09-2003 22:44

Juan Carlos
Coca-Cola's main bottler in Latin America, Coca-Cola FEMSA, recently announced plans to close nine bottling plants in Colombia, which could leave 2,500 workers without jobs. The managers halted production at those plants and are pressuring workers to resign from their contracts in exchange for a lump-sum payment-- "voluntary retirement." The workers have been told that if they don't "resign," they will be dismissed.

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Army Presentation Team To Visit Oxford

26-09-2003 11:41

In an cynical marketing ploy the 'Army Presentation Team' will come to Oxford on 12 November 2003.

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26-09-2003 10:39

communitiesm in the UK are oppressed, dominated, indoctrinated and eventually domesticated by local government and all the service providers that local government are responsible for administrating.

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Barcelona Thessaloniki prisoners Greek consulate picket Mon 22

25-09-2003 15:35

Nice little action in support of those detained

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court tomorrow for BP AGM protestor

24-09-2003 23:41

Because of actions at the BP AGM, at royal festival hall, 24 april 2003, one person is up in court today, wednesday 24 septemebr, at the inner london crown court, near elephant and castle. i'll post up court room and time when find out later, but will be about 10-10.30am start.

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Donations Needed to Save Life of Threatened Honduran Activist

24-09-2003 17:16

Honduran Transgender Activist, China (born Elkyn) Suárez Mejía
The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) of the USA is asking for help to save the life of a Honduran activist who's pressed the government over an epidemic of gay/transgender murders there, but is now in fear for her life after refusing to pull testimony.