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Barcelona Thessaloniki prisoners Greek consulate picket Mon 22

Mig del norte | 25.09.2003 15:35 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | World

Nice little action in support of those detained

Around 25 people showed up to the large office building which houses one or two floors of the Greek consulate on the Diagonal a huge boulevard which splits the city into two.

Whilst riot cops guarded the interior of the building, banners were hung from fences surrounding building work. Spontaneous, intermittent road blocks of sections of the road were possible, with other banners, these were unhindered as local police were not interested in clearing the road of protestors.

There are two Spaniards detained as well as Simon Chapman from the UK, this weekend was the international day(s) of action, anything happen in UK?

Mig del norte


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