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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Stop starving the Palestinians demo

21-05-2006 01:42

The march passing Downing street
As the decades old Israeli occupation of Palestine relentlessly continues, the march for Palestinian justice through London this year was more poignant than ever. Palestinians are literally starving because vital aid has been cut by other countries that refuse to recognise the newly elected Hamas led government.

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Evidence of Covert Domestic Operations by the Department of Defense in USA (upda

21-05-2006 01:17

In this article I present a letter (updated) concerning covert domestic assault of American citizens by elements connected to the Department of Defense. I have emailed, hand-delivered and/or faxed this letter (or earlier versions) to the chairs of the United States Select Committee on Intelligence, to Senators Feinstein, Feingold, Boxer and to the ACLU.

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freedom required: young protesting palestinians & anti zionist orthodox jews un

20-05-2006 18:39

Today it was business as usual for Israeli apartheid in Palestine; assassinations, killings and now starvation as they try to force 8 million Palestinians into submission by denying them food.

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Grandmother, mother and her four-year-old son killed in Israeli air strike

20-05-2006 18:14

Four Palestinians have been killed and several injured in an Israeli air strike on a car in Gaza City.

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U.N. Human Rights Panel tells US: close your concentration camps!

20-05-2006 13:13

International UN human rights panel in a report: US Gulag camps must be stopped. Censored reports out of Guantanamo inform about the past day's heavy riots by 'model prisoners' in a part of the camp which is the 'show case unit' for visitors.

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20-05-2006 10:20

Infonight at "The Square" social centre from 7p.m
we will show recent video of the repression suffered by the people in San Salvador Atenco and Texcoco on May 3rd and 4th in. followed by open discussion.

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19-05-2006 22:14

The Charity Shop NHHT Brompton
The Notting Hill Housing Trust is defined as a Caritable Trust, but in reality it is only for tax avoidance purposes. As Trustees, the Management of Notting Hill Housing Trust have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of the many beneficiaries. Trust law in the United Kingdom is very strict and is categorised into 4 areas. Relief of Poverty, Promotion of Education, Religion and 'Other Public Benefit'. The last one is very vague. Thousands of social housing tenants who live in Notting Hill Housing Trust properties are severily discriminated, repressed and abused. Why does this happen? Because everyone is ignoring this issue. On 18th April 2006 Notting Hill Housing Trust removed itself as a Charitable Charity from the Friendly and Provident Societies without consulting the beneficiaries. If that is the case, why does Notting Hill Housing Trust operater and run a string of Charity Shops across London? Is this not the case that Notting Hill Housing Trust is in Breach of the Guidelines set out by the Charities Commission which stipulates that, 'Charities cannot trade'. Or the regulations of the Fair Trading Standards, where a business which is no longer a charity cannot describe itself as a 'Charity'. Can someone please explain?

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Globalise this! the other Echelon system

19-05-2006 14:40

what is IT? why will it control us?
Globalisation is a process of transformation
into a command and control grid

a corporate police state based on behaviourism

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1984 hit cowley road

19-05-2006 14:40

cctv sprung up over night....

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Agrarian Violence in the Philippines Worsens

19-05-2006 10:48

A peasant leader in the Philippines was killed, following a spate of violence against activists and journalists. As political instablility heightens, the government appears unable to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice, and there is genuine fear amongst social activists that this situation will escalate.

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demostration mexican embassy

19-05-2006 08:33


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Benefit night for Boomchucka Circus (aka circus2iraq)

18-05-2006 23:21

The Big Event!
Roll up, roll up, roll up!!! For one night only you can run away with the circus!

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Israel: This Isn't Policy, It's Barbarism

18-05-2006 20:44

The Zionist Extremists have created in Gaza the world's largest Concentration Camp. A desperate response to their waning influence, and the increasing exposure of their racist, violent Ideology.

Warsaw Ghetto, anyone ... ?

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Small victory for squatters in Bakai community, Almaty, Kazakhstan

18-05-2006 17:24

Bakai squatter evictions and home demolition successfully beaten back for today. Court orders 120 homes to be destroyed in Shanyrak communities nearby. A general assembly at Bakai votes to send support to Shanyrak.

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boycott Eurovision song contest from GREECE

18-05-2006 17:19

I am a victim of torture in Greece: I have not seen proper justice done in 5 years! Meanwhile many others have been tortured. This happens in Europe and we must make the world aware of the level of human rights abuse that happens in the EU and that goes unchallenged. A number of British people have also suffered in Greece, but perhaps readers forget about the Planespotters, David Wilson, and the Robinsons- all held in detention without good reason. It is time to protest! Please support this appeal!

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VOW Says NO to Canadian Troops in Combat Role

18-05-2006 05:23

Canadian troops serving under US Command
The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) is urging its members and other concerned Canadians to contact their MPs to vote against the motion of the government slated for debate Wednesday may 17th.

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The colour of Canadian poverty: kkkanada; the south afrika

18-05-2006 02:26

The Ryerson University professor admits he chose the title for his book partly to jolt Canadians out of their complacency. But he does see real and disturbing parallels between the racial stratification of South Africa from 1950 to 1994 and what is going on in urban Canada — especially Toronto — today.

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On the ground at Parliament Square: democracy’s last stand

18-05-2006 02:17

As Brian Haw’s demonstration faces it’s second week of opposing the High Court ruling, the police and political pressure, Oscar Beard finally gets time to recount the first week of the final stand of democracy.

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9/11 Pentagon attack video released - Video & more

17-05-2006 18:27

Is the official 9/11 story true?

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17-05-2006 16:15



Two Palestinians Killed in Nablus in pre-dawn Israeli invasion, Army invades several villages near Bethlehem and arrests four, Three residents arrested in Hebron, Army assaults a medical patient at a military checkpoint near Tubas, Palestinian prisoner released after 32 months of administrative detention. The Israeli Army seize a car belonging to a resident from Kofer Ra'e village, Army invades north of the Gaza strip, Army continue to hold Arqaba village south east of Nablus under siege