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1984 hit cowley road

georgey boy | 19.05.2006 14:40 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Repression | Oxford

cctv sprung up over night....

Seems weve been invaded by the snoop perverts!
From the plane to the bingo hall, CCTV cameras on long scaff type poles strapped to about every sixth lamp post have appeared along the Cowley Road!
Whats that all about then??
What about public consultation or planning permission etc....
Was anyone asked if they want to be filmed as they go about their daily buisiness or have their photo taken? I sure wasnt!
Does anyone want this?
I dont!
Whose cameras are they??
Wheres the right not to be filmed if you dont wish to be?
Can you see the footage?
Who will own the pictures of You,and what will they do with them?

georgey boy


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