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boycott Eurovision song contest from GREECE

necati Zontul | 18.05.2006 17:19 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression

I am a victim of torture in Greece: I have not seen proper justice done in 5 years! Meanwhile many others have been tortured. This happens in Europe and we must make the world aware of the level of human rights abuse that happens in the EU and that goes unchallenged. A number of British people have also suffered in Greece, but perhaps readers forget about the Planespotters, David Wilson, and the Robinsons- all held in detention without good reason. It is time to protest! Please support this appeal!

As Greece prepares to celebrate the Eurovision song contest, I must remind you that I am not the only victim of State-sponsored torture in Greece, directly witnessing myself, a travesty of justice, a ministerial cover-up and in getting neither information from the Government about the progress of a trial in 2004 in which 5 men were supposedly found guilty, nor an apology, nor an offer of compensation nor any expression of sympathy for what I suffered at their hands. My efforts in seeking legal redress have been frustrated by serious threats to my life, by silence from all professional bodies, professional deceit ( for example, attempts to corrupt my initial evidence and a claim that I could not possibly command international support because I could not speak english) and by a protectionist policy that permits only local Greek nationals to file claims- the same policy that allows the same locals to take a sizeable cut of any award made by a Greek court. I was tortured and raped by members of the Greek Coastguard who also abused some 164 men, women and children in Crete in 2001. More recent atrocities include the torture of some 60 Afghans in December 2004 and the torture of Pakistani men, abducted from their home and held in the Greek Secret Service headquarters. Some Greek commentators, including Greek-staffed NGOs have blamed MI6, as earlier they blamed the inspiration of Abu Ghraib. The torture I suffered predated the invasion of Iraq, and no one else can be held accountable but those responsible for directing the activities of Greek servicemen in uniform.

In 2002, Amnesty released a document claiming that Police and the military acted with impunity, torturing and killing especially foreigners and Roma. Other target groups include conscientious objectors and homosexuals. Such racism and prejudice must be made known to tiourists who plan to viist Greece this summer.

In 1998, Time Magazine reported on paramilitary camps near Athens. I can confirm, in contradiction of the ex- Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, that such a camp existed and specialised in the training of terrorists. Europe is not safe while rogue Governments permit such camps to exist and to deny their exisitence is to bury our heads in the sand.

It is time Greece recognised her Human Rights responsibilities as a member of the European Union. I am proud of my achievement, last week, in successfully lobbying the UN against granting Greece a seat on the newly formed UN Human Rights' Council. I hope now that readers will boycott the Greek Entry in the Eurovision contest by turning off the tv for the 3 minutes it takes to air: like many Eastern European States, Greece sees the contest as a shop window: please deny them such an opportunity!



necati Zontul
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