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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Scottish Prison resister. Letter Campaign

26-03-2004 13:40

Invasive phone message costs & costs!!!

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French riot police attack firemen with tear gas in Paris (photos)

26-03-2004 13:04

On the 25th March firemen in the whole of France took to the streets to demonstrate for the recognition of the dangers involved in their job and the safegarding of their regulations.

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imperial arrogance: US in Haiti

26-03-2004 01:28

by Justin Felux
The media has already forgotten about Haiti. Even some of the alternative press has stopped paying attention. We must keep Haiti under the radar.

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Evening Standard "Police wear down May Day anarchists"

25-03-2004 20:02

The Evening Standard ran same story about MayDay as BBC, with a little more detail, managing to get the usual anti-wombles angle in "The Wombles - who dress in protective gear before trying to attack police", and failing utterly, like the BBC, to mention the MayDay NoBorders Dublin weekend of events, running from Friday April 30th to Monday May 3rd, and coinciding with the EU Enlargement Summit and welcome celebrations...

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Kids 'banned' from Social Centre

25-03-2004 12:40

The wombles occupied social centre in Tufnel Park was forced to close it's doors to under 16s today....

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What's behind the Killing of Ahmed Yassin?

25-03-2004 05:54

The article examines Israel's reasons for murdering Ahmed Yassin, and their connection with the U.S.'s concerns for its agenda in Iraq and the rest of the Arab world.

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Arrested at Anti-War March, 20 March 04, after videoing cops

24-03-2004 01:45

I was arrested at the anti-war demo on Saturday after videoing the cops & walking on the wrong side of some white tape. I've been charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

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Post card from Liverpool - What the tourist board wouldn't want tourists to see!

23-03-2004 20:48

Picture post card from Liverpool to tourists of the world - This is the reality!
Granby Street in 2004, it's over twenty years now since the well known Toxteth riots. While many saw the riots as a social uprising against repressive and racist policing, the accompanying photo-montage shows that the community around Granby Street in Liverpool 8 is looking more run down in many ways than it did after the 1981 riots. Granby Street is just one example of the insidious gentrification of Liverpool city centre which is clearing out working class people, a process which is now spiraling outwards at break neck speed.

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Demonstrate against Israel today (Tuesday)

23-03-2004 10:34


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52 APF activists arrested under Apartheid law

21-03-2004 18:59

This morning, police opened fire with stun grenades on members of the Gauteng Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) who were protesting against water privatisation and the installation of pre-paid water meetings. Fivety-two APF members were arrested, including 6 children, on charges of violating the Gatherings Act.

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ESF: deporting the poor from cities

21-03-2004 16:40

After Rotterdam, Amsterdam also plans a ban on low-income inhabitants: London and other cities are moving towards a similar strategy. The London ESF is a showplace for creative social entrepreneurs - the kind of people who should replace the poor, according to this philosophy.

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Police attempting to bluff campaigners over HLS related emails

20-03-2004 21:52

It has come to our attention that the police working on behalf of the customers of HLS who have taken out injunctions against protests are over stretching themselves in their interpretations of its terms and attempting to harass activists on behalf of their masters. This article gives you the information to unmask their tricks and keep yourself safe from them.

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The day after Menwith Hill - update

20-03-2004 15:34

Menwith Hill Action - Update on arrests, police behaviour, the success of the event and a call for info form those that were there.

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Fairford Coach passengers will appeal recent High Court ruling.

20-03-2004 03:23

This is a press release from the Fairford Coach Action.

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Menwith hill blockade Photos

19-03-2004 22:12

Our wonderful British bobbies torture a helpless locked on protestor.
Some photos from the menwith hill blocade 19/03/04. Early morning.

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Urgent Call for International Solidarity

19-03-2004 13:50

Oct 26 attack against us, we were fighting back
KCTU statement to support migrant workers struggle in South Korea

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BBC forced to eat humble pie and admit to bias against Israel

18-03-2004 20:43

A campaigning couple have won their battle to have several complaints of anti-Israel bias upheld by the BBC – the first such successful complaint in more than a year.

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Urgent Call for International Solidarity

18-03-2004 20:33

defending against riot cops attacks oct 26, 2003
KCTU statement to support migrant workers struggle in S. Korea

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Blunkett loses anti-terror appeal

18-03-2004 17:19

Britain's most senior judge has ruled Home Secretary David Blunkett must release a Libyan man detained by police under anti-terror laws.

Lord Chief Justice Woolf upheld a previous ruling that the man's 15-month detention at Belmarsh prison in south-east London is unjustified.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission refused Mr Blunkett the right to appeal against the decision.